Emergency funds needed for water in Ukraine

Editor’s note: Below see the letter signed by trade unionists around the country in support of the Workers’ Aid to Ukraine campaign. Workers in Kryvyi Rih are in urgent need of funds to drill water wells after Putin blew up the Kakhovka dam. As you’ll read below and hear in the link to the video appeal the water in the region is essentially undrinkable. The environmental destruction from Putin’s invasion has been immense. Now we only have 2 weeks to raise the money before there is a danger of the ground freezing. If you are a union member and want to sign on to the letter please let contact the info below. Also please share widely, there is a downloadable version of the letter. Thank you for any contributions in advance.

Emergency funds needed for water in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

One of the harshest consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was the destruction of the Kakhovka dam. Yuri Samoilov, from the Independent Miners Union of Ukraine, reports on the current situation and asks for international help in order to build wells which will bring potable water to the population and the workers on the front lines. “I am Yuri Samoilov, president of Kryvyi Rih section of the Independent Trade Union of Ukrainian Miners. Thanks to the efforts of our comrades of unions in France, Poland, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Great Britain, the United States and other countries, we managed to buy some barrels to store water, since in our city, after the explosion of the Kakhovka dam, the water supply situation has become very critical. In some areas of the city water is only available for 2 hours a day, and in the villages around Kryvyi Rih water is brought by truck only once or twice a week.”

“Because of this, it is very important that our people have the ability to store water during this emergency. Thanks to our brothers and sisters in unions around the world we now have the means to provide these for our members and their families.”

You can watch the appeal from Yuri here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CxvZuFkp4LF/

The Workers’ Aid to Ukraine campaign is calling on all workers, students, and common unity members to help the union and people of Kryvyi Rih buy the machines to drill these vital water wells before the ground freezes as their members and family fight on the front lines of the Russian invasion and for the rights of all working people. Our goal in the U.S. is to raise $3,000 or more toward the $10,000 needed. Fundraising will need to be transferred by November 7 if not sooner.  The campaign is organized by the International Labor Network for Solidarity and Struggles which includes major labor federations like CSP-Conlutas in Brazil and Solidaires in France. Thank you for your contribution.

Donate here: chuffed.org/project/workersaidtoukraine

Or on Venmo: @WVCT1 

Interested in getting involved? Email: Christopher.Hutch@gmail.com

In solidarity with Workers’ Aid to Ukraine, initial signers (unions listed for ID only): 

Christopher Hutchinson, Teamsters Local 1150 in Stratford, CT

Blanca Missé, San Francisco State University, California Faculty Association

Marcelina Pedraza, UAW Local 551 in Chicago, IL

Evren Pallares Ó Laoghaire, Teamsters Local 170 in Worcester, MA

David Rivera, Teamsters Local 177 in Newark, NJ

Jose Montenegro, United Educators of San Francisco

Coco Smyth, National Postal Mail Handlers Union, Local 304, Columbus, OH

Cheryl Zuur, former president AFSCME Local 444, Oakland, California

Daniel Piper, CREC-EA CEA, in Hartford, CT

John Kirkland,  Carpenters Local 167, Retired, Philadelphia, PA

Jonathan Engel,  GEO Local 6300 IFT/AFT in Urbana, IL

Steven Ongerth, CoFounder, IWW Environmental Union Caucus

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