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IWL Newsletter – Environmental Collapse (2021) (2)

2022 Workers’ Voice-Socialist Resurgence Fusion Congress documents

Workers Voice Political Resolution 2022

Workers’ Voice Constitution 2022

Documents from Workers’ Voice pre-fusion

These documents were written and adopted at congresses of Workers’ Voice prior to the 2022 fusion with Socialist Resurgence.

Our Marxist Approach to Combating Women’s Oppression in Working Class Organizations (2018)


• 2021 SR Convention Documents:

Socialist Resurgence Political Resolution June 12, 2021

Our View Of Cuba Today approved by the SR Convention in July 2021.

Developing Female and Queer Leadership in Socialist Resurgence

Socialist Resurgence Interim Constitution, as amended at the SR Second Convention in July 2021

• 2019 SR Convention Documents:

These documents were approved at the December 14th and 15th, 2019, Founding Convention of Socialist Resurgence.

Socialist Resurgence International Resol. Dec. 2019

US political and economic crisis


Sexual Harassment Policy

Motivating the new constitution

Fourth International Documents on Special Oppression:

Socialist Revolution and the Struggle for Women’s Liberation 1979 FI Document

Positive Action and Party Building Among Women FI Document

On Lesbian/Gay Liberation FI Document

• Tendency for a Revolutionary International:

Let’s seize the opportunities, and build an international for revolution and communism

• Permanent Revolution Faction Documents:

The documents below present many of the key political views and principles supported by the Permanent Revolution Faction (PRT) within Socialist Action (U.S.). Most PRF members were undemocratically expelled from Socialist Action in October 2019; they and other ex-SA members then went on to found Socialist Resurgence.

A) Three resolutions from the 2018 Socialist Action National Convention are presented here —

• The resolution on the imperialist nature of China was approved by SA Convention delegates, but never published:

China A New Imperial Power from 2018 SA convention

• The resolution on Russia was not adopted at the Convention because of disputes regarding its analysis of Russia’s actions in Syria and the connections of Russia with the far right. It did, however, cause Socialist Action to vote in favor of recognizing Russia as an imperialist state, and to vote to hold a discussion on publishing a revised work based upon this document. However, the discussion never took place, and the resolution remained unpublished:

Russia An Imperialist State with Regional Clout from 2018 SA convention

• The resolution on Syria was defeated by a narrow vote at the Convention:

Syria Resolution for 2018 Socialist Action Convention

B) Below is the declaration and programmatic platform that Tendency One (later the Permanent Revolution Faction) submitted to the April 13, 2019, National Committee plenum in Socialist Action. Also included is a resolution on Venezuela that was supported by Tendency One and submitted as an amendment to the Draft Political Resolution for the plenum. The amendment was rejected by majority vote of the National Committee —

Declaration of Tendency, April 2019 plenum

C) Below are copies of the Draft Political Resolution and the Resolution on Organizational Functioning that the Permanent Revolution Faction submitted to the Oct. 6 National Committee plenum of Socialist Action. Both resolutions were defeated by the Majority Faction —

PRF 10-6-19 Draft Political Resolution doc

Organizational Resolution for SA plenum, 10-6-19

D) Below are documents published in Socialist Action newspaper and in SA internal documents regarding the struggle for the rights of trans people —

PRF Special Bulletin on Trans Rights and Gender Self-ID

SR Bolivia Bulletin (1) Gerry Foley writings on Bolivia from 2000-2008. The enclosed articles offer a rich understanding of the historical background of the current situation in Bolivia.


Historical documents related to the war in Ukraine

We are publishing this dossier of articles written by members of the Socialist Workers Party and the Fourth International as part of debates on the character of the Japanese invasion of China, and the evolution of these positions as the U.S. entered the war against Japan. Also included are documents from the Trotskyist press on the Italian colonial war against Ethiopia of 1935-36. We believe that this chapter of our political tradition offers directly relevant lessons to the current debates across the Left over the character of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and tasks for socialists in response to it.

Workers’ Voice Information Bulletin #1 April 2022

Second Italo-Ethiopian War (1935-36) & the position of Trotskyists

Information Bulletin #3 – The SWP and the Second Sino-Japanese War


Additional documents: SWP and FI Dossier on the Second Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945