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A Revolutionary Socialist Perspective on the Ukraine War – This pamphlet features selections from the International Workers’ League – Fourth International, Workers’ Voice writer Florence Oppen, and an editorial on Workers’ Aid to Ukraine.

What We Stand For – Interested in joining a revolutionary socialist organization? This pamphlet gives the reader a brief overview of the political outlook of Workers’ Voice and what we stand for.

Organizing Principles – Building a working class revolutionary socialist party rooted in internationalism is our goal. This pamphlet provides a brief overview of the organizing methods and ideas we use in the class struggle.


This Socialist Resurgence webinar, by Dan Belle, was recorded on April 1, 2020:



Afghanistan: Sept. 12, 2021, panel discussion sponsored by SR, Boston Revolutionary Socialists, and the Tempest Collective:


CHINA: From workers state to imperialist power. Recorded April 16, 2020, with Keith Leslie.

Watch the video! An international forum: ‘New wave of class struggle in Latin America’  January 18, 2020

A panel of activists discussed the meaning of the upsurge for working people in the U.S., Latin America, and around the world.


Panel discussion: ‘Lessons of the French General Strike’ Watch the video! February 22, 2020

Hear a panel of Parisian strike leaders from the postal workers’ union, the teachers’ unions, and the student movement discuss these issues and the way forward for working people in Europe and the U.S.


James P. Cannon Speaks! Our History and Some Current Problems: A Last Talk, September 6, 1966


James P. Cannon Speaks! Problems & Perspectives of the American Revolution, Socialist Workers Party West Coast School. Summer, 1964


James P. Cannon Speaks! “The Two Americas”, 1948


James P. Cannon Speaks! “The Trend of the 20th Century”, 1949


James P. Cannon Speaks! Which Way to Revolution? Debate With the Cochran Faction, 1953


James P Cannon, United Socialist Action & Regroupment, 1958