Solidarity statement to UAW strikers in Dublin, Virginia

Solidarity with the UAW strikers at the Volvo trucks plant in Dublin, Virginia!

by the Central Committee of Workers’ Voice/La Voz de los Trabajadores
On Monday, June 7, some 2,900 union autoworkers at the sprawling Volvo Trucks North America plant in Dublin, Virginia walked off the job and onto the picket line. This is the second strike at the plant in less than two months. Workers have also voted down two unacceptable contract proposals by wide margins (for a more detailed account of the strike, see this article).
To the courageous autoworkers on strike at Volvo, Workers’ Voice/La Voz de los Trabajadores shares the following statement of solidarity:
We salute you for taking a stand to end the divisive tiered pay schemes of the auto bosses, to stop unsafe and unhealthy work schedules, to make gains in wages as inflation increases, to safeguard seniority rights, and to defend and improve health care benefits for both current and retired workers in the face of attacks by the bosses.
The unity and determination you have displayed in twice voting down unacceptable contract proposals by overwhelming margins is an inspiration to workers everywhere. Now that you are back on strike, we urge everyone to join your 24-hour picket lines and to send you public solidarity statements like this one.
Workers’ Voice is a socialist organization of workers engaged in struggle, primarily located in the San Francisco Bay Area but with members across the United States. We are part of an international grouping of socialist workers’ organizations in over a dozen countries called the International Workers League. We look to workers gaining confidence through struggle to form our own governments and join the worldwide struggle to overcome capitalism.
Your struggle is our struggle. The whole world is watching you.
Victory to the Dublin, Virginia autoworkers!

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