Three Massacres in the Last Week

Written by Workers’ Voice San Jose
Workers’ Voice strongly condemns the massacres that took place in the last week in Gilroy, California, El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, which left around 30 people dead and dozens injured. All these massacres had a racist, xenophobic motivation and were perpetrated by white supremacists.
Although the massacres have been common in our country since previous years, in the two and a half years of the current Donald Trump administration, the frequency of these events has accelerated, the source of motivation is clear and its’ racism, xenophobia, and white supremacism are much more defined.
Three massacres in one week change the dynamics of the phenomenon and the defined objective of attacking predominantly Latin@ immigrant communities. In the cases of Gilroy, CA and El Paso, Texas, and communities with a dense population of African Americans among which many of the victims are found, It gives us clear indications of what is happening.
We live in a society that is sick from the exploitation and oppression of the capitalist class against the entire working class. A society where the rich not only get richer and increasingly cause the poor workers to get poorer, but they also use all kinds of weapons against the exploited and oppressed.
The weapons used by the bourgeoisie range from those of ammunition (e.g. guns) to those that poison and pervert the consciousness of sectors of the working class. This is in order to better hurt the working class when they deem it necessary.
Ammunition weapons are primarily used by the police and the army. Police use batons and guns to intimidate, and in many cases attack workers who dare go on strike. When African Americans go out to protest the murder of a member of their community at the hands of the police, the protesters are assaulted with weapons similar to those used in the war against Iraq. When indigenous people in North Dakota protested the construction of the oil pipeline that would cross their lands, they were attacked by police with sticks and tear gas, just as today the impoverished indigenous immigrants who cross the border are attacked looking for a better life for their children.
The ideological weapons that the bourgeoisie uses to divide the working class, so that it does not fight against poverty and oppression, are not ammunition but have the same destructive power as those. These weapons are patriarchy, nationalism, white supremacy, racism, and xenophobia. These oppressive ideologies are injected daily into the mind of the white working class against their class brothers and are helped maintained with certain preferences and material privileges to make them feel superior.
These weapons are used by the bourgeoisie to divide the resistance struggle of the working class against the bosses and their governments, confronting white workers against blacks; documented workers against undocumented; working women against working men; machista/sexist workers against LGBT; patriots and nationalists against immigrants, and so on. The use of these weapons encourages violence against our most vulnerable working communities.
Both Mr. Obama and Mr. Trump are very skillful bourgeois politicians, although they use different rhetoric. Both have similarly contributed to their followers becoming increasingly encouraged to combine ideological weapons with ammunition. The result is not only an increase in racism, xenophobic nationalism, & white supremacism but also an increasing number of deaths and injuries in the massacres against poorer working communities.
But how do we explain the intensification of the fury with which they attack the exploited and oppressed working class?
Perhaps one of the reasons that explains the growing tone of aggressiveness in the discourse against the working class and racial minorities by the Trump   administration, and the more aggressive supporters such as those organized in pro-fascist groups or perpetrators of these massacres, is the fear they feel when they see that they cannot stop the growing discontent of the working masses that fight for better living and working conditions. As Trump himself says, for Socialism- to which we would add- with Democracy.

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