[Brazil] The Federations need to guarantee the General Strike!

JUNE 19TH, 2017

While closing the latest issue of Opinião Socialista, the Federations, without the presence of CSP-Conlutas, eliminated the call for the General Strike on June 30 from the unified poster that called for a Day of Struggle on June 20, initially thought as a “pre-strike” struggle day.

By PSTU – Brazil.
Federations’ poster: Where is the call for the General Strike on June 30?
On June 21, there will be a meeting that will measure the Day Of Struggles (June, the 20th) and reaffirm the General Strike of June 30. But, in fact, the poster they printed indicates that the main Federations, even before the meeting, seem to be withdrawing from the call to a General Strike, to only call for “Struggle Days from June 20 to June 30”, instead.
Anyone that participated from rank and file activities in any workplace knows that there is a major disposal to stop Brazil once again; even more among factory workers.
To “un-call” the General Strike would be very serious, even more when Temer and the Congress are trying to pass the Labor Reform during this month.
Temer won extra-life at the SEC (Supreme Electoral Court – TSE) by throwing the Judicial Power to the core of the crisis and fuel the people’s general outrage.
There is a need and possibility to defeat the reforms, Temer, and this Congress, but to do it, the path is the General Strike. To renounce it is to be an accomplice of the cut of rights and of the maintenance of Temer and this Congress in power when the vast majority of the population wants them out.
This is still more disturbing when we know, by the press, that negotiations are taking place between the government and the head of some Federations to keep the Union Fee.[1] Also, we have a Broad Front which is content merely with organizing festivals for Diretas Já [Direct Elections Now], and which is more worried about the 2018 election than with mobilizing the working class and poor people for real.
Let’s demand the call and construction of the General Strike on June 30. Demand from your union to call a meeting; help organize the Struggle Committees. Let’s construct the “pre-Strike” of June 20 and demand from the Federations to keep and build the General Strike!
Originally published @ Opinião Socialista N.° 537 – June 2017.
[1] In Brazil, Unions receive an amount of money from the government for the total base of workers of a category, no matter how many workers are actually affiliated to the Union. To end this Union Fee would mean a giant loss of money and control for the main, bureaucratic unions.

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