[England] ISL solidarity after the attack to Finsbury Park mosque

JUNE 20TH, 2017

The ISL condemns the attack on Muslims that killed one person and left 11 injured. We send our condolences to their family and our sympathy to all who were injured.
A man from Cardiff is believed to be responsible for a terrorist attack when a van he was driving ploughed into a group of worshippers near a mosque in north London.
Darren Osborne, 47, is alleged to have shouted “I want to kill all Muslims – I did my bit” after the hired van hit a crowd that had gathered to help an elderly man who had collapsed near a mosque.

Chief of the Finsbury Park mosque Toufiq Kacimi said that the Muslim Welfare House had to be evacuated eight months ago after a package with white powder arrived — amid frequent threats in the post and insulting videos. He said Islamophobia was on the rise in the UK “100 per cent”.
Police in Manchester and London registered surges in anti-Muslim hate crime in the immediate aftermaths of the Manchester Arena bombing and the London Bridge attack.
The number of Islamophobic attacks in Manchester went up fivefold in the week after the concert bombing, with 139 incidents reported to Tell Mama, the group recording Islamophobic crimes, compared to 25 incidents the previous week.
The attack took place in the constituency of the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. He said the targeting of the Muslim community at the height of Ramadan had shocked the community. “A lot of the time people are saying Islamophobia isn’t real. But this time it’s actually killed someone and injured others,” he said. “There are kids who grew up (watching this) on TV and never expected it to happen in their own backyard.”
The ISL says that all those who believe in inequality, an end to cuts and austerity, and the unions must condemn the rise of attacks against Muslim. Diversity must be welcomed, those who want to divide us must be opposed. Equality for all people, full rights for immigrants. An injury to one is an injury to all.


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