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Workers’ Voice urges readers to sign and circulate this petition from the European Network in Solidarity with Ukraine in solidarity with Russian socialist Boris Kagarlitsky. Kagarlitsky, a noted sociologist and long-time figure on the Russian left, was arrested on July 25 and faces prosecution for an alleged “apology for terrorism,” which has the potential maximum sentence of seven years in prison. Earlier, Kagarlitsky was called a “foreign agent” because of his criticisms of the Putin regime.

We support immediate freedom for Kagarlitsky and all Russian left and antiwar activists who are being targeted by the Russian state as it tries to silence dissent. In the past, Kagarlitsky supported the actions of Russian imperialism in Crimea and Georgia. More recently, he has become a vocal critic of the invasion of Ukraine and of the repressive nature of the Putin regime. Regardless of any political differences we might have with Kagarlitsky, Workers’ Voice unabashedly calls for his release and the dropping of all charges against him.



Petition circulated by the European Network in Solidarity with Ukraine

On July 25, renowned intellectual and socialist activist Boris Kagarlitsky was detained and accused of “justifying terrorism” by the Federal Security Service (FSB) before being immediately transported to the city of Syktyvkar, 1300 kilometres from Moscow. There, in a closed hearing and without his lawyer present, a court decided he should be detained until his trial in September, where he will face the possibility of up to 7 years in prison.

The arrest and detention of Kagarlitsky has taken place within the context of a repressive campaign that the government has been carrying out with the intention of silencing all those voices that oppose the invasion of Ukraine and its domestic policies. Since last year, the Putin government has dedicated itself to persecuting, jailing or forcing into exile recognised politicians, intellectuals and activists that have publicly opposed the war as well as simple citizens that have expressed their opinions on social media. Kagarlitsky himself had been labeled a “foreign agent” in May last year.

We express our solidarity with Boris Kagarlitsky and demand his immediate release, as well as the release of all those detained for political reasons.


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