Workers’ Voice fund drive ends soon: Please contribute now!


Dear readers — We are now in the final days of the Workers’ Voice fund drive, which has been extended until Sept. 30. We have exceeded our original goal of $10,000, and we will publish an update very soon. We ask you to contribute now to help us make this final push! Click here to contribute.

Since the start of the fund drive, at the beginning of June, we’ve been busy across the country organizing in the labor movement. Our members have been standing in solidarity with workers from the rolling picket lines to support Amazon Teamsters in Local 396 in Palmdale, Calif., to the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strike, to the practice UPS picket lines.

Over the past weeks, Workers’ Voice has also held in-person forums and classes in Philadelphia; Oakland; Providence; and New Haven, Conn. Topics have included the struggle for trans liberation and fighting attacks from the far-right, fighting school closures, the meaning of the 1934 Teamster strike for workers today, and struggles from Stop Cop City to Palestine. Discussions in each of these forums has helped spark the imagination of workers and students who are new to the socialist movement. We are also currently organizing an October eco-Socialism one-day conference on the East Coast, where philosopher and writer on climate change Prof. Olufemi O. Taiwo will be the keynote speaker.

In the mass movement, our organization is helping to build the March to End Fossil Fuels in New York City on Sept. 17. Our members are reaching out to their unions, student groups on campus, and community organizations to raise funds and to help fill buses in their areas for this very important effort. As part of our fall eco-socialist efforts, we are dedicating a special issue of Workers’ Action newspaper to the climate crisis and the cause of environmental justice.

Workers’ Voice is also dedicated to building solidarity with the Ukrainian working class through international worker-to-worker aid to help working families in their resistance to the Russian invasion. To date we have helped raise nearly $10,000 for the Independent Miners Union in Kryvyi Rih. We are also committed to supporting a fall speaking tour through the Ukraine Solidarity Network.

Workers’ Voice is also planning trips to attend socialist and trade-union conferences in Brazil to enrich our understanding of how workers are organizing around the world. We hope to gain valuable insights in the class struggle there that will give our efforts a new perspective.

Since our fusion conference in March 2021, and the founding of a new expanded Workers’ Voice, we’ve also dedicated funds to help provide travel and expenses for a volunteer Workers’ Voice staff member who can work full time in organizing activities. Having this option available has allowed us to build our organization in a number of locations across the country and deliver critical support to branches and at-large members.

All of these efforts, of course, require funding. Your contribution of $1500 will help pay for the distribution of more than 3000 copies of Workers’ Action to be distributed at the Sept. 17 March to End Fossil Fuels in New York. $1000 can help provide travel, lodging, and honoraria for a Native American speaker for our Eco-socialist conference, or a series of new pamphlets on climate change, Ukraine, and other topics. $500 will help us reimburse travel expenses for our volunteer organizer this fall. $300 will help pay for a student’s or low-income worker’s expenses at the 2023 Socialism Conference in Chicago. $100 will help us print leaflets for upcoming classes, forums, and conferences.

Thank you for your contribution! We rely on supporters like you to help us build a strong voice for socialism.

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