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Workers’ Voice is a growing and dynamic working-class organization. In the second year since our founding, we continue to build a revolutionary socialist current in the U.S. and internationally that takes on the struggle against capitalist exploitation. Workers’ Voice relies on dues-paying members to build secure the financial health of our organization. But we also rely on supporters who stand in solidarity and want to play a critical role in helping spread the word that the solution is socialism! 

Our fund drive started on June 1, and the goal is to raise $10,000 by August 31. We have a robust plan to invest that money into the class struggle. We want to share some of these plans with you and hope that you’ll help solidify our organization as a serious and professional force for socialist revolution. 

What’s on our agenda? We are making this important appeal for funding at a time when inter-imperialist rivalry is drawing the world powers into a deeper competition. This rivalry among the great powers threatens war and greater exploitation of the working class. At the same time, the climate crisis and environmental destruction are going to make conditions for working and oppressed people unbearable. In the U.S. and across the globe, we are active in the daily struggle of workers to organize unions, fight police brutality, fight sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and take on the far-right and fascism. We are aided in our efforts by standing in solidarity with the International Workers’ League. 

What did we do with the money we raised in the last fund drive? 

We participated nationally in the movement to Stop Cop City in Atlanta. We published a series of new pamphlets on party building, labor struggles, and reproductive justice. We published and distributed over 15,000 copies of our newspaper Workers’ Action and recently expanded to fully bilingual format. We supported the work of our comrades in industrial and teacher unions. We funded expenses for a volunteer staff person who was able to travel throughout the U.S. and Canada helping to recruit new members and support existing branches. We worked in the fight for immigrant rights, especially in the Mesa Verde/Golden State Annex strikes. We raised over $8,000 for the Independent Miners Union in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, who are fighting on the front lines against the Russian invasion and the anti-labor reforms of the Zelensky government. 

What can we do with your contributions? Here are some projects that we are working on: 

  • $1,500 would fund a team to help build Workers’ Voice where we have at-large members. 
  • $2,500 will help send a delegation of Workers’ Voice members in our industrial and teacher fractions to learn from the labor struggles in Brazil at the CSP-Conlutas congress and ILNSS meeting in September. 
  • $1,200 will help us revamp and expand the reach of our website and social media. 
  • $1,000 will help cover the expenses for advertising a major East Coast Eco-Socialism conference in October 2023 or send members to the 2023 Socialism conference in Chicago. 
  • $750 will help us publish a new bi-lingual series of pamphlets on Black liberation, queer liberation, and the war in Ukraine. 
  • $500 can help pay for the room rental expense of a West Coast weekend socialist class series. 

Why is your contribution important? We don’t get funding from corporate foundations or NGOs. We rely on the donations of working people to continue our work and to expand our reach as an organization. The capitalist system is in deep crisis. We must work together to build an alternative that points towards  a world where human needs and the environment come before the profits of a parasitic social class. We are asking you to give what you can, and we are also asking you to consider joining our forces. Talk to your local Workers’ Voice organizers or, if there’s no Workers’ Voice group in your area, ask us to help you start one. 

If you value the work that we do and feel the same sense of urgency to build a working-class socialist voice, please join us in building Workers’ Voice through our 2023 Summer Fund Drive. 

We rely on supporters like you to help us build a strong voice for socialism 

* Pictured: May 1st celebration at Red Square, home of agitprop artist Mike Alewitz in New London, CT.

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