Defend the Communist Party & the popular movement in Sudan!


On May 25, the Rapid Support Forces (Janjaweed) militia raided the offices of the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) and the editorial offices of the party newspaper, El Midan. The action was termed a “barbaric and cowardly act” in a statement issued on May 26 by the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the SCP.

The SCP statement continued, “This aggressive force broke down the doors of all offices and halls in the party’s HQ, and carried out extensive acts of vandalism, damage, and looting of all the contents and property of the place. These forces are still present in the party HQ until now, using it as their headquarters.” The SCP further calls for “an end to the war and the prosecution of and holding to account all parties that have contributed to igniting it.”

Dabanga News reports attacks and threats against journalists covering the current war between military factions. The RSF raided the offices of the El Hirak El Siyasi newspaper in Khartoum on May 11. A statement on May 12 by the Sudanese Journalists Syndicate (SJS) condemned “new threats against men and women journalists in Sudan, following the outbreak of the armed conflict between the army and the RSF in mid-April.” The SJS is also reporting recent raids by the RSF on journalists’ homes.

As this is being written, a tenuous cease fire continues to hold for the second day. However, it is being reported that the military has suspended its participation in talks sponsored by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, sparking fears of renewed fighting in a war that has already claimed at least 850 dead and 5500 wounded. Additionally, nearly 1.4 million people have been displaced by the fighting—one million internally while another 345,000 have fled Sudan into neighboring countries.

As we explained in a previous report, “Foreign imperialist interests and their regional proxies, like the Saudi regime, are not honest brokers and will push the movement to compromise the goals of pro-democracy fighters. Ultimately, the imperialist powers fear the contagion of revolution above everything and will seek to find ways to resolve the situation in favor of capitalist rule. Western imperialism also fears the competition from Chinese and Russian imperialism for vital mineral and oil resources.”

Workers’ Voice calls for the unconditional defense of the popular movement in Sudan. It is clear that the warring factions are enemies of the Sudanese people. The only alternative is the revolutionary triumph of the Sudanese people.

Down with both the RSF and the military! Hands off journalists! Hands off the popular movement! Hands off the Sudanese Communist Party!

Photo: Sudanese army head Abdel Fattah al-Burhan (left) and RSF chief Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo (aka., Hemeti).

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