Oct. 22 Online Event: Lessons of the British Strike Wave

Lessons of the British Strike Wave:

A Joint Workers’ Voice & International Socialist League Forum

SATURDAY, Oct. 22 | 9AM PST – 12PM EST – 5PM London time


Britain has been alight with one word: STRIKE! The worldwide political and economic crises of capitalism are hitting the British working class hard. In this time of inflation, pandemic, ecological catastrophe, and growing likelihood of world war, workers in the country are reclaiming their arena of struggle – shutting down production and mobilizing in the streets.

Rail workers have been the leading spark causing a wave of industrial actions enveloping hundreds of thousands of workers in a variety of sectors. Beginning with walkouts on June 21, members of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) have gone back to the picket line and inspired workers in diverse sectors from the postal service to teachers to dockworkers. International solidarity is coming in droves. The whole working class is feeling emboldened, with more unions announcing strike ballots seemingly everyday. Meanwhile, the possibility of a rail strike continues to loom also in the United States as the government and rail bosses continue to attempt to impose unlivable schedules and conditions on transportation workers.

What is the way forward for the British working class? How can workers move in struggle against the bosses together across sectoral lines?

Join Workers’ Voice (US) and the International Socialist League (UK) to discuss these questions and more and to learn from the direct experience of rail workers in Britain!

Speakers list
*Danny James, ISL, GMB, Swansea
*Glenroy Watson, RMT, London
*Darren Pilling, RMT, Liverpool
*Ivan Madda, Cub Transport rail, Italy
*Anna Huber, USLAC, Workers’ Voice
*Martin Ralph, UCU, Liverpool UUC VP, ISL

SATURDAY, Oct. 22 – 9AM PST – 12PM EST – 5PM London time

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