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Workers’ Voice (WV) is a new revolutionary socialist organization committed to building a fightback against the many crises for working people at home and internationally. Our organization has been deeply involved in efforts to stop climate change, racism and police brutality, homophobia, imperialist war, and economic exploitation . Workers’ Voice advocates action by the working class and oppressed people that is independent of the two capitalist parties. We’ve been busy since our founding convention in March 2022 in building the labor movement, and active in struggles for abortion rights, immigrant rights, and international solidarity.

We are making this appeal for funding to help continue our work, expand our membership, and develop real roots for our organization in the labor and mass movements across the country. Workers’ Voice has brought together two different historic socialist traditions into one bilingual organization that has both deep roots across Latin America and decades of experience organizing revolutionary activity in the U.S. In just a few months since our  founding convention, we’ve made significant gains. Workers’ Voice has many members who are active in their unions and in building the student/youth, immigrant rights, abortion rights, and climate change movements. Our efforts have been supported by prioritizing funding for an organizer who has focused on branch building around the New England and Mid-Atlantic region and will soon be traveling to Canada and the West Coast.

New members are asking to join each week. This includes not only young workers and students who are new to the socialist movement but also veteran revolutionaries inspired by our attempt to bring revolutionaries together and regroup into a new organization. Read this recent letter from a veteran socialist about why he’s supporting WV!

In our first national campaign as an organization, we raised thousands of dollars for union miners in Ukraine who have heroically resisted the invasion of Russia while organizing to defend workers rights against attacks from their own capitalist class. At the same time, we point out the dangers of U.S. and NATO intervention into Ukraine, and work to educate and mobilize against U.S. imperialist aims everywhere.

We are now actively involved in building support for detained immigrant workers on strike in California at Mesa Verde and Golden State Annex. This includes helping organize and promote the call for a Sept. 5 day of solidarity actions in opposition to the mistreatment of detained workers who for $1 a day clean the facility run by a multi-billion-dollar private corporation called the Geo Group. Find out more about the campaign here .

Since March, we’ve published and distributed nearly 8000 print copies of two editions of our newspaper, Workers’ Action, and a third edition will be published in early September. Although we regularly ask for solidarity donations from readers to help fund printing, your contribution to this fund drive will help ensure that we can increase our circulation as well as freely distribute copies to low-wage workers and students. You can read the latest issue here.

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of who we are as an organization can be summarized in the phrase “internationalist to the core.” This means we are not just a national organization with a narrow perspective focused solely on the United States. Workers’ Voice proudly stands in solidarity with our co-thinkers in organizations across the globe through the International Workers’ League – Fourth International (IWL-FI). In May, we hosted a webinar event featuring Edward Gallardo, a Chilean miner and union president who is leading the fight for the nationalization of the copper mines. In June we hosted two in-person events on the East Coast with militants of the Brazilian trade-union federation CSP-Conlutas and  the United Socialist Workers Party (PSTU-B). In August, we held a webinar on the abortion rights victory in Colombia featuring guest speaker Maria Paula Houghton Martinez, founder of the Medical Group for the Right to Decide in Colombia and a leader of  the Socialist Workers Party of Colombia.

In August, we sent two observers from the U.S. to Brazil to attend the World Congress of the IWL. Soon after these observers return, we will hold special meetings to report back on world political tasks and perspectives that will highlight  the  campaigns that our international movement will be focused on. Help us build and maintain this vital connection to the world workers‘ movement! Our international responsibilities also include funding a translator for the many articles written by IWL members around the world.

We are currently in the process of planning for a November educational conference on the East Coast that will feature prominent socialist thinkers. In the coming months, we will also explore the possibility of running revolutionary socialist electoral campaigns in 2023.

History shows the vital role  that  socialist organizations like Workers’ Voice play in periods of crisis and upsurge of political activity. Our socialist program can be an important framework for the type of mass working-class party we ultimately aim to build. In the process of building that party, we serve as a training ground for new and young workers looking to become active in the socialist movement.

If you value the work that we do, please join us in helping to build Workers’ Voice through our 2022 Fund Drive. The drive begins TODAY, with the goal of raising $10,000 by Oct. 31.

What can we do with your contributions? Here are some projects that we are working on: $1500 would fund a team of young bilingual organizers to travel and help build our branches that have Spanish-speaking members, or it would fund a multi-city tour in which a Workers’ Voice feminist leader could speak about independent mass action as the way forward. $1000 could send Workers’ Voice journalists to cover strikes and worker actions across the country. $750 could pay for a run of our newspaper in the Spanish language. $500 would cover the cost of 1000 of our new “Which Way Forward for Labor” pamphlets.

We rely on supporters like you to help us spread the word that the Solution is Socialism!

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