Sept. 28 Forum: Struggles for Housing Around the United States

Struggles for Housing Around the United States

A Workers’ Voice Panel Discussion

9/28 – 8PM EST/5PM PST

Zoom registration

Speakers (in formation):

Darlene Forman – UC Townhomes

Blaise Laramee – Philadelphia Tenants Union

Joe Hermann – CT Tenants Union

Julian Park – Tenant and Neighborhood Councils (Bay Area)

Brian Crawford – Workers’ Voice


Rents and housing costs are skyrocketing. A handful of ultra-rich landowners and corporations make billions by driving people from their homes while politicians aid and abet this manufactured housing crisis.

Across the U.S., people are fighting against landlords and the politicians that support them. Tenants unions are on the rise as are direct actions against capital’s murderous housing regime.

What strategies are activists using? How can this struggle be connected with other important working class fights? What is the role of labor unions?

Hear from activists involved with the housing justice movement around the U.S. to learn from their stories and discuss these questions!

Simultaneous interpretation channels for English and Spanish will be available.

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