Workers’ Voice Endorses Revolutionary Socialism Conference


Workers’ Voice has endorsed the “Revolutionary Socialism Conference: Communist Refoundation In An Era Of Crisis,” a project of the Revolutionary Socialist Organizing Project. The conference will be held online on Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5, 2022. Those interested can register here.

The purpose of this conference is to provide a space for the scattered forces of the revolutionary left to dialogue, to help provide a political alternative to reformism, and to take concrete steps towards more joint action among the groupings involved. Other organizations that have endorsed so far include the Revolutionary Socialist Network, Denver Communists, Seattle Revolutionary Socialists, Boston Revolutionary Socialists, the Central Ohio Revolutionary Socialists, and Socialist Alternative (Australia). 

The sessions will include: From Palestine to Ukraine: Revolutionary internationalism, anti-imperialism, and the role of the U.S. left; The Dead end of socialist reformism: Lessons from the past to the present; Defund police, Dismantle prisons, Open borders, Return the land: The revolutionary abolitionist path to socialism in the U.S.; The Revolutionary Party: What it is, why we need it, & how we build it in 2022; Capitalism in crisis—workers in resistance: Methods and goals for building class-struggle unionism; Unite and fight the right! Politics and methods for organizing against the far right and fascism; Liberation for all: Revolutionary struggle for abortion rights, bodily autonomy, & trans justice; and Capitalism and climate catastrophe: Green capitalism versus revolutionary eco-socialism.The closing session will discuss next steps for the groups involved. 

There is an urgent need to regroup the revolutionary left on a principled basis into a new political formation independent of bourgeois parties. A new revolutionary socialist organization could effectively intervene in the unions and social movements in a unified way. Workers’ Voice is itself the product of a regroupment process that occurred while our predecessor organizations, Socialist Resurgence and Workers’ Voice, were both active in building the Revolutionary Socialist Network. Our vision of a party built on a national and international scale means that we advocate the regroupment of consistent revolutionaries into a new party. 

We urge our members, supporters, and readers to build and attend this conference, in order to discuss the issues of the day and how we can all move forward together to refound a revolutionary left worthy of the name. 

Comrades, we have a world to win!

Photo: Mohammed Salem / Reuters

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