Chinese socialists: No to imperialist invasion! Solidarity with working people of Ukraine! 


A wide debate is taking place within the international socialist movement concerning the political analysis of the war in Ukraine and the resulting tasks and demands of the socialist movement. This is a contribution to the discussion from a group of Chinese International Communists. We are reprinting it for the information of our readers.

On Feb. 24, the Russian military invaded Ukraine in the name of defending national independence and sovereignty, aiding the Russian people in Donbas and eliminating Ukrainian Nazism. Putin even threatened to launch a nuclear war in a televised speech on the 24th. We consider this war to be an imperialist invasion war: its purpose is to compete for hegemony in Europe with US imperialism and NATO, rather than self-defense or Anti-Fascism. We strongly oppose Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. In his speech on the 22nd, Putin lashed out at Leninism and the right of nations to self-determination in a Russian chauvinist tone, which fully exposed Russia’s ambition of imperialist expansion. For this reason, “leftists” who defends the ruler of Russia are defending imperialist war.

On the other hand, in order to expand their influence eastward, The US imperialists and NATO have fostered and helped fascists and the far-right oligarchical government of Ukraine, supported its oppression of worker’s organizations and socialists, and agitated for continuous aggression towards Donetsk and Luhansk. We strongly oppose these actions to exacerbate tensions by the United States and NATO.

The spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs talked about “seeking a comprehensive solution to Ukraine and related issues through dialogue and negotiation, and finally forming a balanced, effective and sustainable European security mechanism.” This kind of rhetoric seems neutral, but the Chinese government, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, failed to condemn Russia’s aggression at all, thereby making itself an accomplice of Russian imperialism. In fact, the Chinese government is constantly strengthening its imperialist alliance with Russia to confront the United States and Western imperialist groups. We oppose the pro-Russian propaganda in Chinese mainland media, and aim to actively promote internationalist and anti-war ideas.

We believe that sanctions are not the right way to stop Russian aggression. On the contrary, they will only increase international tensions and facilitate the hypocritical “anti-war” propaganda of the United States and NATO. Any imperialist conflict, war and aggression will cause the common people to suffer and shed blood and tears.

To stop Russia’s aggression, firstly, we need to support the anti-war movement of the Russian working class. Although we know that under the autocratic rule of Russia, the anti-war movement faces great risks, we still need to constantly emphasize the corruption, autocracy and poverty brought about by the Russian bourgeoisie and their attempts to distract people’s attention with war, emphasizing that only the socialist revolution can bring peace, prosperity and democracy.

Secondly, we also support the Ukrainian people’s resistance against invasion and anti-war movements around the world. Only the anti-war movement and anti-capitalist revolution by a united world working class can end the imperialist war and free the Ukrainian people from desolation. The enemy of the working people is not the working people of other countries, but the ruling bourgeoisie who have exploited us and sacrificed our blood to fuel a foreign war and animosity.

Thirdly, Russia’s aggression won’t be able to destroy the far-right and fascist forces in Ukraine; on the contrary, it will encourage the most fanatical far-rightists and fascists, giving them the mask of “guardians of the motherland.” Moreover, Russia’s aggression will greatly encourage the far-right and fascist forces in Russia to revel in the lauding the great rejuvenation of the Russian nation. We believe that only the solidarity and coordination of the Russian and Ukrainian working class can be an effective force to eliminate the far right and fascism.

Fourthly, we support the right of peoples in Eastern Europe to self-determination, including the right of Ukraine to be free from imperialist aggression and domination, as well as the right of the Donbas people to self-determination. Russia’s occupation will not bring freedom to Donbas. We support the self-organization and self-arming of the Donbas people and oppose the current Russian puppet government in Donbas. 

Down with the imperialist war! No to imperialist aggression! 

Long live the international communist revolution!

Feb. 26, 2022

Photo: Rally in New York City following the Russian invasion. (Kena Betancur / AFP / Getty)

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