Sunday, Feb. 13, socialist class: ‘The fight against inter-imperialist wars’


The Fight Against Inter-Imperialist Wars: The Socialist View

A class and discussion

Global economic elites, due to a global crisis in their rate of profit, see themselves in a life and death battle over resources and markets. As the military buildup by the US, the UK, the EU, Russia, and China shows, war between great powers, unthinkable for nearly 70 years, is once again threatening the world’s working people.

Join us for a class that explores the history of working-class and socialist responses to past world wars and threats of war. Come and discuss the road forward for building the antiwar movement and other movements for social change. The presenters are three veteran socialists. They will report on socialist efforts to oppose World Wars I and II, recent political developments in Eastern Europe and countries that formerly were part of the Soviet Union, and on prospects for building the antiwar movement in the United States today.


Ernie Gotta: Trade-union militant and writer on the Ukraine situation for Socialist Resurgence
Keith Laurie: Author, “Russia: An Imperialist State with Regional Clout.”
Christine Marie: Long-time leader in movement against Washington’s wars

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