Watch the video! Puerto Rican Independence: The Diaspora Fights Back

This webinar took place live on May 26, 2021. The link to the video is below.

The COVID pandemic has exposed the ongoing effects of US colonial dominance over Puerto Rico. In continuity with botched disaster responses over the last five years, hospitals were totally overwhelmed by the health crisis. April 12, 2021, a new coronavirus surge on the island forced over 100 school closures.

The occupying US regime offers no solution to the long crises of disaster capitalism. In place of ending the colonial relationship and offering reparations, the United States holds fake referendums like the one last year. A wing of the imperialist Democratic Party is putting itself forward as the “advocates” for Puerto Rican self-determination. These are long-term false friends for working people on the island.

The struggle against US occupation and oppression of the diaspora is a heroic fight with a long history. Join Socialist Resurgence for a discussion of this history and the ongoing activism against United States domination of Puerto Rican people.

Speakers (organizational affiliations listed for informational purposes):

Johanna Fernández – Assistant professor of history at Baruch College; author, “The Young Lords: A Radical History”

Brittany Diaz – Founder of Free Puerto Rico Initiative and president of UConn Collaborative Organizing

Mike Pinho – IBEW Electrician, Connecticut Workers Crisis Response Member, and Socialist Resurgence Militant

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