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The Zionist crisis deepens

Israel’s settler-colonial project is entering a new period of aggression, spurred on by U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as its capital and $3.8 billion in annual U.S. aid.

Israel is growingly dependent on the most rabid Zionist settlers and their violent pogroms. Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and bombing civilians are all fundamental to Zionism—there can be no Israel without them. Talk of a “two-state solution” only provides cover for the continued dispossession of Palestinians.

Palestinian resistance on the rise

Over 90,000 protested in East Jerusalem, and the demonstrations have spread to cities inside Israel. These actions are being carried out by a new layer of young Palestinians unencumbered by the traditional parties. A political gap has opened that must be filled with revolutionary leadership.

The uprising has already caused embarrassing political defeats and diminished the apartheid state’s sense of security. A planned Jerusalem Day march, an anti-Arab event likely to provoke violence, was canceled due to the immense pro-Palestine movement in Jerusalem. Far-right Zionists, backed by the police, point to the uprising as an excuse for their lynch mobs.

International solidarity for Palestine

There has been an outpouring of international support for Palestine and an immediate end to Israeli aggression. Thousands of Jordanians protested on the border with Israel. Thousands more have demonstrated all over the world, including in Britain, South Africa, Australia, Morocco, and the U.S. Further protests will take place on May 15, the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba. 

Bought and paid for by the U.S.

Israel serves U.S. imperialism as a military outpost, economic partner, and police agent in the region. Many U.S. congresspersons have offered support to Israel’s aggression, and Biden has declared that “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

We must be resolute in demanding an end to all U.S. aid and support for Israel. Boycott Israeli products! Build the movement to end the occupation and the siege of Gaza! Support for Palestinian self-determination! Through mass action, working and oppressed people have the ability to end the military and economic support that makes continued apartheid possible.

Palestinian liberation by any means necessary

» End the bombing of Gaza now
» No U.S. aid to Israel
» Dismantle the separation wall
» Boycott, divest & sanctions
» For a single democratic, secular Palestine
» For the right of return for all Palestinians

Socialist Resurgence is a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Network.

Photo: Israeli soldiers arrest a Palestinian youth. (Wikimedia Commons)

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