March 21 webinar: The abortion rights victory in Argentina

The Abortion rights victory in Argentina: How it was achieved & lessons for the U.S.

The Revolutionary Socialist Network is hosting a public forum on Sunday, March 21, at 1 pm PST / 4 pm EST on the Abortion Rights Victory in Argentina. We will hear from three activists and organizers in Argentina who will present how the victory was won and the broader context for the struggle for reproductive and women’s rights in Latin America. An RSN speaker will draw out the relevance to the struggle for reproductive justice in the United States. The first 40 minutes will include short presentations by speakers, followed by an hour of facilitated Q&A. Socialist Resurgence is an affiliate of the RSN and helping organize this event. We urge all to attend!

Register for the webinar here!

Speaker list in formation:

Karina Nicoletta, Gender Comission of the AGTSP (Subway and Metro Workers union), member of the National Gender Caucus of the CTA (Argentinian Labor Federation)

Pato Parola, Colectivo Isadora, part of the Campaign for Legal, Safe and Free Abortion in Argentina and Socialist Left (UIT-CI)

Blanca Missé, International Women’s Strike US and member of Workers’ Voice, an affiliate of the Revolutionary Socialist Network

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