Chile: Reject the persecution of María Rivera by the Carabineros & the Judiciary

On 16 February, our comrade María Rivera was charged with “Improper Sedition” and summoned to testify in court as a defendant. She is a leader of the MIT, of Defensa Popular (Popular Defence) and candidate for the Constituent for District 8 (on the People’s List). The lawsuit was filed by Carabineros1 officers, for openly demanding the troops of the repressive forces to stop massacring our people.
By MIT – Movimiento Internacional de Trabajadores
We reject the Carabineros’ and the judiciary’s suit. The Carabineros are one of the most contested institutions by the Chilean people and have no legitimacy to make judicial or other actions against social activists. We also know that Justice is at the service of the families that own this country and the foreign capitalists. That is why they condemn and persecute the activists and let go free the Carabineros and military murderers and the corrupt rich who exploit the workers and plunge the people into misery and the contagion of Covid.
This attack against our comrade and our organisation comes in the context of the persecution and imprisonment of protesters who do not accept to bow down and continue to fight for real social transformations. Since the signing of the Peace Agreement we have exposed the undemocratic ongoing Constituent Process, because elections are being held while there are hundreds of political prisoners, thousands of persecuted people and the Carabineros continue to kill workers and young people in the streets of the country.
Since the beginning of this revolution, our organisation made a legitimate call to the Carabineros and Armed Forces troops not to attack and massacre their own people. We reaffirm this call to all Carabineros and military troops: do not obey your corrupt officers to massacre your own people!
We also reaffirm that our comrade and our organisation will not be silenced!
We call on all social and human rights organisations, fighters, collectives, independent candidates and those who are in favour of the struggle to stand in solidarity with our comrade.
From now on we will start a national and international campaign in defence of our comrade! We will not accept any intimidation, we will not accept that they attack our comrade, our organisation and a revolutionary candidate!
MIT’s National Leadership
1 Carabineros: The Chilean Federal Police.

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