[Britain]: The Pipe Dream of a Socialist Labour is Dead, Time to Abandon its Corpse

Written by Ashley Walker; The International Socialist League – IWL/LIT British Section

We have been watching with unsurprised detachment as, since Kier Starmer was elected Labour leader and has clearly begun a massive shift to the right, there has been a tirade of left wingers and “socialists” calling for people to remain in the party and fight to preserve the “gains” they have made.
We said when Corbyn was elected that the best and perhaps only way he could help build a movement for socialism was to call on socialists to abandon the Labour party and build a true working-class party based on a socialist program. In our opinion such a party could not repeat the same desire to bring socialism through parliamentary reforms. It would have to place its emphasis on the workers’ struggle because without that nothing will change.
These past 5 years have proved our point in many ways, Corbyn has now gone from being leader and left wingers and “socialists” in and out the Labour party are essentially back where they were before he was elected leader, fighting a right-wing leadership while calling on people to keep supporting the Labour party.
This battle has been going on for as long as the Labour party has existed pretty much and yet today the Labour Party is no where near socialist, it supports capitalism while ignoring the fact that capitalism and socialism are entirely incompatible, it supports the idea that socialists should be in the same party as a whole variety of non-socialists, history teaches this only leads to true socialists being expelled and other so called socialists drifting more and more towards the right wing, and it is deeply reformist denying the simple fact that reformism never has and never will lead to socialism.
To any socialists in or out of the Labour party who still believe supporting Labour can bring about socialism we simply say this, wake up. Wake up and see that you are simply trapping yourself in an endless fight that has already been lost many times by many other socialists and that will never lead to socialism.
Finally to those who support Labour not because they believe they will bring about socialism but because they believe Labour are the best option at the moment or such, we say if your not actively trying to build a party of working class and oppressed people united based on a socialist program to bring about the end of capitalism, then you are one way or another helping to keep capitalism in place, either by supporting its supporters or only weakly and barely opposing it.
They repeat the same old story of “don’t rock the boat”. Labour and trade union leaders have said this over and over with Blair, Miliband and Corbyn.
What is socialism?
It is important to think a little more on what socialism is. Socialism is not a vaguely left-wing capitalist supporting political party getting in power, to fix the harm a right-wing capitalist supporting political party has done while in power. Nor is it a vaguely left-wing party implementing some good policies.
Socialism at its core is a completely different system of organising society, one based upon meeting the needs of everyone in that society and working together for the common good of all. It is also at its core completely and absolutely incompatible with capitalism. Thus, any party or politician that accepts the continued existence of capitalism is not socialist and does not want to, and will not truly ever, build socialism.
Socialism is based on the independent and united struggle of workers and oppressed people and creating and supporting that struggle must be the first step.
The choice facing our society as a whole and individuals within that society is socialism or capitalism, one or the other, implementing a true socialist system is the best hope for our future, and any party or politician that isn’t truly trying to do that is not worth the support of anyone who is truly a socialist and doesn’t just call themselves one.

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