Israeli Soldiers Arrest BDS Coordinator in Occupied Palestine

The BDS campaign demands the immediate release of their coordinator Mahmoud Nawajaa, arrested today by Israeli Occupation Forces.
The IWL-FI endorses the BDS campaign and their call for the immeadiate release of Mahmoud Najawaa and all Palestinian Political prisoners.
See below BDS Campaign Communiqué:
Mahmoud Nawajaa, a prominent Palestinian human rights defender, has been dragged away from his family by Israeli occupation forces in a night raid on Thursday July 30 and is currently held in Israel’s Jalameh high-security interrogation center, denied access to lawyers.
Mahmoud’s arrest comes in the context of Israel’s plans for de jure annexation of much of the occupied Palestinian West Bank, on top of its decades-long de facto annexation and apartheid. His arrest is part of Israel’s attempts to clamp down on human rights defenders, such as Mahmoud, and constitutes yet another element of Israel’s apartheid regime.
Mahmoud is one of the more than 4,700 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. In the current circumstances, with the COVID19 virus spreading, mass detention aggravates health and safety risks to all detainees, adding to the common culture of torture and degrading and inhumane treatment of Palestinians in Israeli jails.
Here’s what you can do:
1. Write to your government’s foreign office/ministry and ask them to urgently:
– Take all actions at their disposal to ensure Israel’s immediate release of Palestinian human rights defender Mahmoud Nawajaa.
– Publicly condemn Israel for its arrest of Palestinian human rights defenders, like Nawajaa, and demand Israel’s respect of their right to operate freely.
2. Mobilize support from human rights organisations, political parties, members of parliament, trade unions, church, feminist, antiracist and LGTBQAI+ groups, asking them to help you put pressure on your government.
3. Raise awareness on social media, use the hashtags, #FreeMahmoud, #LibertadParaMahmoud.
4. Strengthen your BDS campaigns and your planned actions countering Israel’s annexation plans, and include the demand to #FreeMahmoud and to end Israel’s attempts to silence Human Rights Defenders.
Help us call for effective international pressure to secure Mahmoud Nawajaa’s immediate release.

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