June 25 webinar: Which way forward for movement against police brutality?


Thursday, June 25, 7 p.m. (Eastern Time)

A pubic forum on Zoom and Facebook, hosted by Socialist Resurgence  and  Socialist Resurgence CT

The world shook on May 25, 2020. Videos of police officers murdering George Floyd have sparked a global movement against racial injustices and the police that enforce them. Every day tens of thousands of people take to the street all over the country in a mass movement that is gaining support from broad layers of American society. Bus drivers are refusing to cooperate with the police, union dock workers are participating in a Juneteenth solidarity strike, and more and more labor groups are discussing kicking cops out of the labor movement. The growing mass movement is taking up urgent needed demands including defunding the police, removing cops from schools, and ending the racist prison industrial complex.

Socialist Resurgence CT is bringing together a panel of activists to discuss what led to this social explosion and what are the next steps towards creating a truly just society.


Barb Fair – Stop Solitary CT, long-time leader in the fight against police brutality in Connecticut

Alicia Strong – New Britain Racial Justice Coalition, community organizer

Keren Prescott – Founder and Co-President of Power Up Manchester/Power Up Connecticut

Matt T – Socialist Resurgence CT, Organizer for racial justice in the UConn community

Xev D – Young Abolitionist Collective

(Malcolm X poster by Mike Alewitz)






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