No National Guard in Minneapolis!

May 2020 Minn cops (Kerem Yucel:AFP:Getty)
Minneapolis cops attack protesters on May 27. (Kerem Yucel / AFP / Getty)


The Democratic Party Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, called for the National Guard to be deployed to the city. At the same time, National Guard troops were sent to harass peaceful protesters outside the suburban house of Officer Derek Chauvin, who murdered George Floyd on May 25.

Socialist Resurgence opposes any use of National Guard troops in Minneapolis or other cities. The presence of the Guard will only inflame the situation. These troops cannot be trusted to act as anything but goons for the state. This is especially true given the fact that just a couple of days ago some Guard members were disciplined for racist remarks made on Snapchat.

We also stand by those Minneapolis transit drivers who are refusing to drive city buses requisitioned by police for the purpose of mass arrests of protesters.

The spark that lit the flame in Minneapolis was the callous police murder of Floyd and the subsequent attack by cops in riot gear on non-violent protesters. The blame for all of this lies with a racist criminal injustice system that regularly weaponizes police against Black and Brown people. The road forward must include criminal accountability for killer cops. It must also lead to the abolition of the entire police and prison complex.

The Trump administration is making a big show about a federal investigation of the killing of George Floyd. Working people should not trust this administration and the Justice Department to produce anything but a cover-up. Trump’s well-known affinity for cops and police brutality should tell us everything we need to know about any “investigation.”

Justice for George Floyd and all other victims of racist police violence! Jail killer cops! No National Guard Troops in Minneapolis!


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