Watch the video: Spain 1936 — Popular front or workers’ power?

Spanish warThursday, May 14,  7 p.m.

Hosted by Socialist Resurgence

Video link (in three parts):
On YouTube — Spain 1936: Popular Front or Workers’ Power?


As the world working class re-emerges from its long slumber, it is essential that activists learn from the lessons of past revolutionary struggles. Recently, for example, the question of working-class independence in political coalitions was posed dramatically in the Fuera Piñera mass struggle in Chile. Can the so-called “democratic” or reformist wing of the capitalist class (and their social democratic apologists) be depended on to win the fights against fascism or capitalist austerity?

In this educational presentation, Michael Schreiber, a member of the Socialist Resurgence National Committee, will review the experiences of the revolutionary proletariat in the Spanish State during the stirring events of the 1930s. He will look closely at the missed opportunities of the “Popular Front” government, the revolutionary actions taken by workers and landless peasants, the role of the Stalinists and social democracy in those events, and the perspectives put forward by revolutionary socialists of the period. An understanding of these forces and events can help us evaluate what direction working people and the oppressed can take today, especially in the semi-colonial world.

This is the fifth webinar in the weekly Thursday night educational series sponsored by Socialist Resurgence.

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