The IWL-FI/LIT-CI Will Hold a Rally on May 1 Online


#1deMayo. The IWL-FI/LIT-CI will hold an internationalist act online on the occasion of May Day, the international day of struggle of the working class, which will count with the participation of comrades from various countries. In these times of pandemic and brutal economic crisis, it is urgent to debate for and defend an in-depth working-class, socialist and revolutionary solution that can guide the ongoing and future struggles. The event will be broadcasted online on the IWL/LIT Facebook page! We are waiting for you! ✊?
The speakers will be:
Fabiana Stefanoni (Italy)
Blanca and Carlos (USA)
Maria Rivera (Chile)
Vera Lúcia (Brazil)
?? The event will be broadcast online at:

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