April 30 webinar: The three great strikes of 1934


Thursday, April 30, at 7 p.m. ET

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1934: Three Great Strikes  

The last three years have seen more strikes than in the three decades that preceded them. As workers rediscover their most important weapon, it is essential that we learn the history of what a fighting union movement can mean. In 1934, Toledo Autolite workers, Minneapolis coal workers and truckers, and San Francisco dock workers put everything on the line to lead city-wide strikes whose effects reverberated around the country. The heroic examples of these strikes gave not only a strategic way forward, but the self-confidence necessary for the whole U.S. working class to engage in life or death struggles for union recognition and decent living standards.

Dean Cohen, retired machinist and past vice president of United Auto Workers Local 217, will explore not just the facts and figures of these great upheavals, but the political conditions that allowed them to be the historic beginning of one of the greatest moments of U.S. labor.

This webinar is sponsored by Socialist Resurgence as part of our weekly Thursday night series of educational web presentations.
Photo of Minneapolis strikers in 1934: Minnesota Historical Society  

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