Watch the video! Marxist economics webinar: Money & finance


April 2020 Breaker boys Pa Coal (Lewis Hine:Library Congress)
Child workers employed in 1911 by the Pennsylvania Coal Co. to break up pieces of coal. (Lewis Hine / Library Of Congress)

This Socialist Resurgence live webinar took place on April 23. See the video now!

Access the YouTube video presentation of Part I here:


Profit is the unpaid wages of the working class. That fundamental fact has been the center of militant worker and socialist struggles for hundreds of years. Over 150 years ago, Karl Marx solidified how central the concept is to the whole historic process that we call “capitalism.”

Socialist Resurgence brings you out of the workshop and into the “dazzling money-form,” the riddle that Marx solves in the first chapter of “Capital,” Volume One. We move beyond the simple class antagonism at the heart of production to the general movements of money and financial instruments that hide the exploitation of labor by capital. What is the relationship between the stock market and the productive sectors? How does money come to be the universal equivalent? What are the implications for working-class militants?1987-stock-market-crash-newspaper

Osmond K., a PhD student of urban economics, answers these questions and more in this video presentation.


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