Video from Chile for March 8 International Working Women’s Day

#OutwithPiñera #GeneralStrike #Women #March8 | For this revolution to advance and to conquer all of our demands, we must make March 8 a day of struggle for all women and all workers and oppressed people. That is, we must prepare an indefinite General Strike and a plan of struggle until Piñera falls and all of the above leave.

#FueraPiñera #HuelgaGeneral #Mujeres #8M | Para que esta revolución avance y conquiste todas nuestras demandas, hay que hacer del 8 de marzo un día de lucha de todas las mujeres y de todos los trabajadores y oprimidos.Es decir, debemos preparar una Huelga General indefinida y un plan de lucha hasta que caiga Piñera y se vayan todos los de arriba.”


Check out this video our comrades from MIT Chile Lit-Ci made for March 8th, International Working Women’s Day! We have created english subtitles for it. The Chilean revolution continues!

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