[Chile] The Spectre of Revolution Haunts the World

Sooner rather than later, more and more people around the world rise up . From Chile to Hong Kong, through Lebanon, Iraq, France or Bolivia. In Latin America, the Middle East and Asia you breathe in winds of revolution.
By MIT-Chile  02/11/2020
We used to wonder who would rise up , now the question is who will be next ? and that’s because the world is a great pressure cooker that is reaching its boiling point, any country can be the next to rise against misery, oppression and exploitation.
It is true that each of these struggles is different from each other, in some the revolution deepens, counterrevolution advances in others, however, the world class struggle is increasingly polarized. Some things change, but overall, the situation is the same, the fight against the precariousness of life, against cuts in pensions, health and education, the fight against state authoritarianism ,in reality , the fight against the evils caused by capitalism.
As we have seen here in Chile, the big businessmen and their political representatives are deeply scared, after all, we are questioning their privileges. But this does not happen only here, but on the entire planet. While they tremble in fear, we continue at a steady pace, because we know that these revolts and revolutions are our only hope for the conquest of a better world, according to the needs of the working class and precarious youth.
In all the countries the excessive repression of governments has been the norm, they kill and imprison those who have questioned their privileges, however, this has not stopped the processes, on the contrary, the workers’ and popular solidarity at international level is strengthened , there are several cases of support from many countries to the Chilean revolution. In addition to solidarity, we also learn from each other, a clear case is how the Chilean front line incorporated methods of struggle from the conflict in Hong Kong.
Ultimately, what we are evidencing is the crisis of the capitalist system worldwide, which proved to be a failure: the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. This is the root of the crisis at the international level that is expressed in each of the uprisings within national borders.
These struggles and revolutions can advance as well as recede, we must learn from them and see their limitations, initially we can mention one: the lack of a revolutionary leadership at the international level to bring the precarious working class and youth to power.
From the MIT (Chilean section of the IWL-FI) we have made ourselves available to build revolutionary organizations in Chile and the world, that seek to bring these revolutions to victory, we know that if they do not succeed internationally, they are destined to fail . Let’s build this project together.
Translation : Blas (Corriente Obrera Lit)

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