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Lessons of the French General Strike:

An online webinar

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In the course of two months, hundreds of thousands of French workers and students have refused to go to work and school, and taken to the streets in giant mobilizations over and over. This effort to stop the so-called “reform” of the pension system is currently the longest strike in French history. The combativeness and class consciousness of the ranks of labor have been demonstrated in a thousand ways. The ruling-class effort to gut the pension plan has been slowed but not defeated.

What explains the ferocity of the fight to defend the standard of living of working people? What explains the intransigence of the Macron regime? What lessons have been learned, and how might they apply to the U.S. movements for social change?

Hear a panel of Parisian strike leaders from the postal workers’ union, the teachers’ unions, and the student movement discuss these issues and the way forward for working people in Europe and the U.S.

All the speakers are also active in Anticapitalisme & Révolution, a tendency in the New Anti-Capitalist Party.

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