Watch the video! An international forum: ‘New wave of class struggle in Latin America’


A streaming webinar: Watch the video! This event took place on Jan. 18, 2020

In the last several months, the streets of Chile, Bolivia, and Colombia have been filled with militant and confident protesters challenging their nations’ neoliberal austerity regimes. In a number of cases, they have formed independent working-class assemblies to better conduct their struggle. There are strong indications that their actions, along with those who have launched similar protests in the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Asia, along with the unprecedented mobilizations of feminists, have opened a new era of working-class fightback and advances. 

A panel of activists discussed its meaning for working people in the U.S., Latin America, and around the world: 

  • Blanca Missé teaches at San Francisco State University and is part of La Voz/ Workers’ Voice and the International Workers League
  • Juan Valenzuela is a leader of the PTR, the Revolutionary Workers Party of Chile and the Trotskyist Fraction, Fourth International
  • Simón Porras Rodríguez is a coauthor of “Why Did Chavismo Fail?” Venezuelan activist, an editor at, and a member of International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International
  • Jaime González, Liga de Unidad Socialista (México)
  • William I. Robinson, Professor of Sociology and Global and International Studies, University of California-Santa Barbara
  • Ernie Gotta, Union Activist, Socialist Resurgence  National Committee and the Tendency for a Revolutionary International, Fourth International 

Initiated by Socialist Resurgence US.  For more information, email us. 

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