[Argentina] Daniel Ruíz and César Arakaki’s Trial Will Start on November 25

November 17, 2019
For Daniel, for Sebastián!

Trial and punishment to Bullrich, Macri, and their judges!
The date for the trial of Daniel Ruíz and César Arakaki is November 25. A trial prepared to punish fighters and that will be used to accuse them.
By PSTU-Argentina
Daniel’s freedom, after 13 months of unfair prison, is a triumph of the solidarity campaign and a blow to the pro-bosses justice, the current government, the regime, and the capitalist state.
We need to continue the campaign to turn the table around: end the persecution to Sebastián Romero (annulling the order of capture) and use Daniel’s trial to go on the offensive.
In other words, we (Human Rights, unions, social and political bodies) need to use the trial to accuse and judge, facing the working class and the people, the entire capitalist state and their best managers (Macri, Bullrich, etc.).
Yet, we first need to defeat a maneuver: they want to delay the trial, scheduled for November 25, for a non-determined date next year. Their goal is to elude the social sentence, as all together we can cause a scandal that can result in a legal process against Bullrich and Macri’s government, questioned by the UNO for manipulating the courts.
Thus, we made a press conference on Wednesday 13, demanding to respect the trial date, where we informed, together with dozens of bodies, that we will carry out an event on the next 25, coinciding with the beginning of the trial, and we will expose the next steps in our way of accusing our accusers.
Together with all those who are solidarity with Daniel, we still have to fight another battle. On December 18, 2017, thousands of workers confronted the Social Security Reform. The first one to be demonized, treated like a terrorist, was a metal worker, representative of the General Motors in Rosario, Sebastián Romero. A brutal campaign was carried out against him. The capitalist state and justice offered a reward of 1 million pesos (twice the money offered for the worst genocides of the dictatorship) for any info on his location.
There was an operation in movement that could end in a serious attack, including physically, against him, if he were captured. So he was forced to flee.
Our party, Daniel and Sebastian, supported the flight. We resisted the press and justice pressure; even pressure by those who told us the correct thing to do was to surrender, because the “serious left” acts rights, never avoiding the courts’ demands.
Sebastián did not surrender. And we agree with his decision. He is an example of struggle against the Macri administration, as well as a lesson for all young and worker activists: no respect for the pro-bosses justice or for any institution of the capitalist state.
For all of this, to defeat the maneuver of delaying the trial; to keep on fighting to end the persecution to Sebastián, and to face the trial accusing the accusers, we have an honor date on next November 25 in the Courts of Comodoro Py.
We count on you.

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