[Chile] Denounce Piñera for Crimes Against Humanity

From the Popular Defense and together with Human Rights organisms, our comrade María Rivera (from our sister party, MIT) led the denunciation against Sebastián Piñera for the brutal repression against the Chilean people.
By PSTU-Argentina

“In the frame of the social explosion (…) we see, in astonishment, that from the Chilean Government orders, in hands of the President Sebastián Piñera, serious crimes and violations of human rights were committed, that we consider crimes against humanity.”

Rivera criticized the attitude of the INH (Human Rights National Institute) Director, Sergio Micco. “Citizens are defenseless. We are worried about his statements. He stated that if someone believes that crimes against humanity were committed here, he/she has to prove it. Well, we will go to trial, then,” she confirmed.
The denunciation was made at the 7th Court of Guarantees from Santiago de Chile, which accepted it and began the correspondent paperwork. Like this, the fight against the murderer government of Piñera is also present in court.

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