Times of Rebellion

October 29, 2019
Workers and the youth take the streets!
Long live the struggles across the world!
There has been a change in the world. In cities of every continent, powerful insurrections are taking place against governments and regimes. The trust of the bourgeoisie in their own domination in these countries took a blow. Suddenly, workers and poor youth are occupying the streets, confronting the police… suddenly, the “peace” of daily exploitation and oppression is over.
In Latin America, there are massive insurrections. In Chile, a major demonstration of over a million people took place two days after the General Strike. Strikes of port workers and other sectors, confrontations with the police, barricades, pickets, etc., that shocked the world. In Ecuador, indigenous communities and the people defeated the decree that brutally increased the fuel price, together with other serious anti-social measures. In Haiti, there is a massive uprising to defeat Moïse that lasts a month, already – without signals of withdrawing. In Honduras, strong demonstrations emerge, once again, to defeat the JOH [Juan Orlando Hernandez] government.
Demonstrations are also occurring in Europe. In Catalonia, the people occupied Barcelona due to the prison sentence dictated for the pro-independence leaders, shaking the Spanish State. In France, the yellow vests’ struggle became a world example which can now strengthen with the General Strike called for December 5.
In Hong Kong, the people rebelled in massive demonstrations, confront the government imposed by the Chinese capitalist dictatorship, and threatens with spreading their struggles to the huge Chinese proletariat.
In the Middle East, the Lebanese people uprised against the What’s App charges, and now chants in the streets “revolution,” “We want the end of the regime,” etc., reviving the popular slogans of the Arab Spring. In Iraq, the demonstrations are growing in radicalization & demand the fall of the government.
Bourgeois governments respond with brutal repression
The bourgeois reaction everywhere was, and is, harsh, violent repression. Prison, beatings, murder. The repression comes with the stigmatization and criminalization of the protests and the mobilization. Meanwhile, the police and militaries use all their force against the demonstrators, they repress and sentence any act of legitimate defense, as well as the valid expressions of hate against the institutions that represent oppression and exploitation. This is why in Argentina Daniel Ruiz was detained, and Sebastian Romero continues to be persecuted. Together with the repression, the bourgeois democracies show clearly their dictatorial nature, harshening the attacks and passing laws that proscribe and penalize the mobilization.
However, to the dominant classes’ surprise, none of this allowed them to control the situation. On the contrary, the radicalization increased. Ecuadorian indigenous peoples forced police officers to carry the deaths’ coffins. The Chilean people overcame the traumas of the past and now confronts in the streets the same Armed Forces of the genocide dictatorship of Pinochet. Also in Hong Kong and Barcelona, the reaction of the youth defeated the fear and openly confronted the repression; workers’ and popular barricades, as well as self-defense, are fully legitimate and must be defended.
In some places, the vanguard of the struggles are the indigenous peoples, like in Ecuador. In others, we can see the strength of the working class, like in Chile. In many places we can see the youth of poor neighborhoods and impoverished middle class, without any perspective of future jobs or education, taking action.
Capitalism leads to barbarism
The material base of what is happening is the extreme decline of capitalism, once unleashed the world economic crisis of 2007-2009, which continues until the present day. Imperialism, to save its interests across the world, and in a harsh battle to affirm its hegemony and submit Chinese capitalism to it, imposes these plans through its organisms, especially the IMF and the OECD, which prescribe the same poison to all countries: destroying pensions, labor stability and wages.
Misery wages are even more reduced. Unemployment grows. The pauperization of labor relationships is crude. In all countries, the right to retirement is delayed or, in practice, extinct. The rich are richer and the poor are poorer. And nothing seems enough: the upcoming plans are even harsher for workers.
There is an intensification of national contradictions and repression, like the sentences in Catalonia, the occupation of Kashmir (by India, Pakistan and China), the Turkish attack to the Kurds with Trump’s authorization – which generated major demonstrations of solidarity throughout Europe. In the entire world, male-chauvinist oppression, as well xenophobia, homophobia and racism, are growing. The attacks to the environment, causing global warming, degradation of human life, poisoning of our rivers and seas, are increasing as well, pointing out the possibility of an irreversible ecologic disaster. These attacks are generating massive responses everywhere in the world, against the male-chauvinist oppression, global warming and ecologic disasters.
There are clear signals of barbarism in the world. The political consequences are now showing: many workers and youth sectors do not see any perspective ahead. This radicalization is an expression of those who have nothing to lose. They begin to lose their fear to confront bosses, police, armed forces, because living like this is not worth.
We cannot trust electoral ways out of this
Bourgeois democracies, which generated illusions to the people with the quackery that “this government is not good, let’s choose another one,” are showing signals of weakening. The people are tired of electoral promises that are always ignored. Right-wing governments like Bolsonaro, Macri, Duque, Macron, etc., implement harsh neoliberal plans against workers. However, the so-called “left-wing” reformist parties (social-democrats, PT [Brazil], PSOL, Syriza, etc.), when they reach the government, implement the same plans. And when they are part of the opposition, they just negotiate a less-harsh implementation of the same plans, as well. Sadly, other parties of Trotskyist origin like the PTS [Socialist Workers’ Party – Trotskyist Fraction] and PO [Proletariat’s Party] in Argentina, move in the same direction of electoral adaptation. Now that the electoral farce cannot hold and deviate the masses’ expectations anymore, the bourgeoisie appeals more and more to extreme right-wing governments, cut of basic rights and freedoms, and a harsh repression by the Armed Forces.
The level achieved by these confrontations imposes the necessity of unifying the struggles above the old apparatuses. It is necessary to build new organisms of struggles’ coordination, gathering workers and youth of different sectors. Such organisms must be the base of workers’ governments, to build an alternative to the capitalist state. It is necessary to build a new leadership through the outside of the old apparatuses of always.
The direct confrontation with repressive forces in the streets poses the necessity of building self-defense bodies, for the people to defend itself. In many places, this can be the determinant element for the success or defeat of the movement.
These insurrections that shock the world show once again that the thesis of the “conservative wave” defended by reformist currents is just an ideology for these currents to continue defending to put a break on the masses movements and move towards the alliance with the bourgeoisie.
Today, the battles moved from the dead-end alley of elections to the direct struggle and mobilization, in the streets and through strikes. Nevertheless, left-wing reformist parties, as well as right-wing parties, point out the same solution of “social pacts” and elections. We want to reaffirm the voice of the streets. It is in these direct struggles that we can be successful or defeated. The electoral way is a dead-end alley to deviate the revolutionary processes.
Socialism or Barbarism
The dilemma is, more than ever, socialism or barbarism. There is a new recessive capitalist crisis ahead. Misery will aggravate. Whether workers get to break with the bourgeois and reformist leaderships and move forward towards a socialist revolution, or barbarism will slowly spread throughout the world. A strategic debate with reformist parties is posed: we rely on the electoral solution and the respect on bourgeois institutions to try and administrate the capitalist crisis… or we rely on the direct struggles of workers, in their democratic self-organization and defense, to fight for a socialist revolution.
The intensification of class struggle makes the necessity of the construction of revolutionary parties something imperative. Without a revolutionary leadership, the mobilization processes will be, in the end, defeated. Thus, we call all activists in struggles which agree with a revolutionary program to organize with us, in the parties of the International Workers’ League.
It is necessary to surround all these struggles of international solidarity. One victory, like Ecuador’s, encourages and helps to ignite new mobilizations.
Full support to workers’ struggles across the world!
Only our direct actions can change the world!
Let’s build in the struggle the bodies that represent us!
No trust in electoral solutions!
No trust in reformist trade-union and political leaderships!
Let’s build revolutionary parties across the world!

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