What does Socialist Resurgence really stand for?



Recently, Jeff Mackler, the National Secretary of Socialist Action, published on his organization’s website an edited and expanded version of the Political Resolution that he wrote for the Oct. 6 National Committee plenum of Socialist Action, and which was approved by majority vote in its original form. The document, and the plenum itself, were designed to slander and isolate SA members in the Permanent Revolution Faction (PRF), which had expressed disagreements with many of the views put forward by Mackler and his “Majority Faction.”

Five days after the plenum, all the members of the Connecticut branch of Socialist Action, supporters of the PRF, were undemocratically expelled from the party on false and incredible charges that they had not paid dues for nearly a year. In protest, a large number of SA members around the country resigned from Socialist Action, and went on to found Socialist Resurgence.

In his published document, Mackler concentrates his attacks on a number of political positions that he falsely attributes to the Permanent Revolution Faction (now Socialist Resurgence). He alleges that Socialist Resurgence members made statements that we, in fact, never said and do not subscribe to. We intend to publish an article very soon that thoroughly debunks Mackler’s charges. In the meantime, we invite our readers to look through the programmatic documents that the Permanent Revolution Faction published while in Socialist Action, in order to see what we really stand for. (See the DOCUMENTS section of this website.)

Links to two documents that the Permanent Revolution Faction submitted to the Oct. 6 National Committee plenum — a Draft Political Resolution and a Resolution on Organizational Functioning — are below. Both resolutions were defeated by the Majority Faction.

PRF 10-6-19 Draft Political Resolution doc

Organizational Resolution for SA plenum, 10-6-19

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