Video: Sheraton Stamford workers fight cutbacks and layoffs, demand good contract


Sheraton Stamford workers fight cutbacks and layoffs

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Video and photos by Lupita Agrado

Hospitality workers at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel, members of Local 217 UNITE HERE, were notified on Friday, Oct. 11th, that hotel management intends to close four important hotel departments on Friday, Oct. 25th. The Hotel plans to close:

The entire Bell Staff Services/Van Driver Service

The entire Room Service Department

The Club Lounge

 The Restaurant during lunch service   


These cuts will hurt more than thirteen workers and their families. The Union has objected to the cuts while workers are negotiating their first-time contract. The Union has asked the Hotel to not cut important guest-service jobs.

Instead of working with the Union to find sustainable ways to save money and increase business, the Company is risking a slash-and-burn strategy that will severely affect its workers and their families.


With a large picket line workers from 3 union hotels organized by Local 217 unite here and supporters from UFCW members, local politicians, and the CT Western Federation of the AFL-CIO  demanded an end to cutbacks, layoffs. They are also fighting for a good contract.


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