[Argentina] Daniel Ruiz has been Set Free!

Urgent | A step forward for the freedom of Daniel Ruiz.
By PSTU – Argentinean Section of the IWL-FI
Today, October 9, 2019, political prisoner Daniel Ruiz was set free.
On October 8, 2019 the First Section of the Federal Court of Appeals annulled the ruling that denied the release of Daniel Ruiz and ordered the Federal Court N. 3 to issue a new ruling, taking into account the arguments made by the defense. In other words, it orders a new verdict, releasing Daniel Ruiz.
His trial will start on October 18, 2019.
We are closer to winning thanks to the huge international campaign and mobilization that have been continuously growing since a year ago!
Now we stand for Daniel Ruiz and all activists to be declared non guilty and to finish all the persecution against Sebastián Romero.

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