End Capitalism, Save the Planet! S20 Climate Strike

Mass extinction is not caused by “human behavior”, or our individual consumption habits, a paper cup or a plastic one. The real cause is the economic structure that exploits our resources and exploits our labor: Capitalism. 100 companies, mostly in the energy sector, are responsible for 70% of total global emissions. Only 8% of global water usage is from our households, while 70% is industrial agriculture, and 22% is industry.
These same companies profit from the wars that are used by global powers, like the governments of the United States, China, and Russia, to maintain control over resource rich regions, or “developing” countries. Governments across the world simply pretend that they are trying to solve the crisis, setting ‘targets’ and declaring a ‘climate emergency’ whilst simultaneously supporting the very industries that are responsible in order to maintain the unimaginably large profits of a tiny minority of elites.
We call on all working &  oppressed people and social movements to join with the youth on September 20th for the global climate strike. The capitalists only give orders, it is ordinary working people who run our society every day. Our hands can transform the world. We can build our power by fighting for:

  1. Nationalization of the 100 largest companies; in particular, energy, oil, mining, and banks. Put them under the control of workers and everyday people, and phase them out with net 0 emissions technology.
  2. Worker’s control of public transport, so that it’s for people not for profit. Create a large, free and sustainable network.
  3. Intensive reforestation and remediation of lands and waters that have been destroyed by fires, mining, and pollution. Return stewardship of the land to working class people, especially indigenous peoples.
  4. Make durability, reuse, and recycling mandatory. Eliminate wasteful and useless industries, and transform the economy to serve human needs.

Only a mass struggle of young people and workers, out of our jobs and into the streets, can save the planet! Socialism or barbarism!

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