Surround the Migrant Caravan with Solidarity!

Repudiation of the agressions of Trump and his puppet governments!
The Caravan of Migrants that, at this point, has reached 7,000 Hondurans who are heading to the United States, through Mexican territory; fleeing poverty, misery and violence produced by the dictatorial government of Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH) has caused a large-scale and novel migration phenomenon in the Central American region that has generated a commotion in public opinion and has put the governments of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in crisis and has laid bare the role of “police filter” that US imperialism dictates to the government of Mexico. Because all of them, obediently closed ranks to make the path of migrants harder, with the objective of favoring the interests of the migration policy of their employer Trump, who plays his luck in the upcoming elections for the lower house against his rivals the Democratic Party.
The increase in Central American migration to the United States is a clear reflection of the intensity of the colonization policy imposed by US imperialism on the countries of the region, a clear example of which is the Northern Triangle Treaty and the FTAs (‘Free Trade’ Agreements).  These agreements have deepened levels of privatization of the companies and state services, labor flexibilization, delivery of natural resources to the imperialist concessionaires and the precarization of poverty conditions of the working class and other excluded sectors such as women, young people, peasants and ethnic groups.  In the face of such a desperate survival situation, they make the harsh decision to abandon their families to embark on a journey full of dangers and privations.
The situation of poverty and repression in Honduras have become intolerable. According to a USAID report, unemployment among working youth (between the ages of 15 and 30) is 30%. The FOSDEH (Honduras External Debt Social Forum) points out that in 2017 68.8% of the Honduran population is in poverty, that is 6 million of the 8.8 million that live in the country. This figure is increasing very fast, since in 2016 it was 65%.
The US government and the agencies of imperialist domination (IMF, OAS) bear a great responsibility in this social crisis. US imperialism has intervened in Honduras since the 1890’s when the American banana companies were installed, and with them the continuous presence of the army and military bases. The US government has carried out military interventions to overthrow governments or stop the rise of social struggles in Honduras, doing so so openly in both 1907 and 1911. It did so in 2016 when the State Department supported the murder of Berta Cáceres, leader of the indigenous and environmentalist movement COPINH (Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras). There are currently many transnational companies operating in the country, mainly in the industrial sector of food production (PepsiCo, Dole, Sara Lee, Nestle) and textiles (Adidas, Levi Strauss, American Apparel, Eagles, Nike, Polo etc). It is known that these companies are behind the coup and the paramilitary groups that kill social fighters like Berta.
The government of JOH, in complicity with Zelaya and the LIBRE party, which preferred to agree on an electoral solution so as not to be overtaken by the mobilizations, is deepening the country’s transformation into a US colony and applying the IMF’s plans: the Honduras Plan 20/20 aimed at creating free zones for foreign investment, and the new JOH Tax Code in force since last year, which is totally regressive, is transforming the country into a tax haven for capital and foreign companies while suffocating the working population from the country. Despite the growth of the maquila sector, wages are miserable, and the exports of these low-cost industrial goods do not compensate for the imports necessary for survival. Honduras has a trade deficit with the US of $737 million per year (FOSDEH).
There is a period of great instability in Central America marked by an important rise in mobilizations with insurrectional methods against neoliberal plans and authoritarian governments, as has happened in the struggle for the fall of the governments of JOH in Honduras and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua, Jimmy Morales in Guatemala and against the fiscal plan defended by Carlos Alvarado in Costa Rica.  This is a response of the masses against relaunching the measures of plunder that imperialism has imposed in direct collaboration with these vassal governments.
The Trump government now threatens to cut off all foreign aid to Guatemala, Honduras and not to ratify the new Free Trade Agreement with Mexico, and to “close the southern border” of the country by all means, including the mobilization of the National Guard and the army. The Trump government is increasing the criminalization of immigrants inside and outside the US, stirring up the xenophobia and nationalism of “white supremacy” to divide the working class and hide the real causes of poverty and the increasing over-exploitation of the US American workers. First he tried to override the DACA program, then brutally separated more than 3,000 undocumented migrant children from their parents, causing massive mobilizations throughout the country. Today, 497 children are still separated from their families. The threats against the Caravan of Migrants and the new anti-immigrant plans in the US are another attempt by this hateful government to attack our class. We must unite to confront it.
It is of urgent necessity that the labor movement and social and popular organizations put pressure, through actions and mobilizations, on the governments of Trump, Peña Nieto, who already co-governs “in transition” with the elected López Obrador and also on Jimmy Morales, Sánchez Cerén and Juan Orlando Hernández to demand an end to the repression, violations and abuses; and the unrestricted respect for the migrants’ human rights who are mobilizing through the caravan and for their free passage to the United States.
It is also necessary to organize an intense campaign of solidarity with the Caravan of Migrants in order to support them in their struggle to seek a better future for their families.
Asylum and welcome for all the migrants of the Caravan! Open the borders now!
Trade unions and social movements must organize solidarity actions with the Migrant Caravan on both sides of the border!
They are not criminals, they are our working class brothers and sisters!
The working class has no borders! Nobody is illegal! No to the criminalization of migration!
Abolition of the Migra / ICE! Liberation of all migrants locked up in detention centers!
DACA and roads to the citizenship for immigrants who want it!
US imperialism Out of Honduras, Mexico and Central America!
Judgment and punishment to the material and intellectual authors of the murder of Berta Cáceres!
Socialist Workers’ Party – Honduras
Working Class Platform – El Salvador
Partido de los Trabajadores- Costa Rica
Workers’ Party – Costa Rica
Workers’ Voice – US
Workers’ Current – US
Socialist Workers’ Current – Mexico

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