The United States: More Repression against Immigrant Workers

What the immigration department used to do supposedly only against Nazi war criminals and people who had violated human rights, is applied today to immigrants. In other words, without sharing any characteristics, their citizenship obtained years ago is revoked, they are processed or deported. All this has begun to be part of repression unleashed against immigrant communities. Despite not knowing exact numbers of who has been affected, this is one more repressive element in the abusive methods of the Trump administration.

By José López – Corriente Obrera – Los Ángeles – California (USA)

Actually, a team of Citizenship and Immigration Services in Los Angeles has been reviewing over 2,500 naturalization files to revoke the citizenship of people. Under this new repressive modality, with different new signals to criminalize immigrants too, this team works as a department exclusively for this purpose.

The newspaper ‘HOY’ in Los Angeles stated in the cover of one of its publications (8/17/18) “NO ONE IS SAFE, federal agents are researching naturalization files to possibly revoke citizenships.”

Precisely, the article reports that several United States government agencies are creating a specific department to research in detail citizens that they, the Trump administration, suspect have committed irregularities in their processes. In case they are found guilty, their citizenship will be withdrawn and they will be deported.

This way, the state points out the suspects, researches them, determines the felonies, and establishes guilt. This repressive policy threatens any person the government determines as undesirable, either considering this person dangerous or simply unwanted in the country. These people will clearly be victims of white supremacist racism and Nazi hatred, which is a specific characteristic of this administration. Nonetheless, this characteristic has been present in all United State administrations until today in a greater or lesser extent. However, the law established now have not always been present.

Clearly, a much repressive machinery than what has existed until today is being built. It will be used to repress not only undocumented immigrants, but also any citizen belonging to minorities in the country or any persons fighting for the democratic rights of the people. Any person organizing minorities against discrimination, or who in general terms opposes Democrats’ and Republicans’ policies.

On the meantime, Democrats have only appeared as if they wanted to do something against Trump. Since they are loyal servants of the corporative class and their domination system, which Republicans also stand for, they give a weak and cowardly reaction, submitting any possible confrontation with Trump to the electoral process. First, they hold the condition of the voting in favor of them. Then, they supposedly face the attacks of the current administration.

Let us establish for a moment a hypothesis. Imagine the pro-immigrant movement and the movement that fights for the different social causes united, completely independent from any bourgeois force, controlling all the set of resources that democrats hold today, and with a massive filiation. Which would be the priorities to face Trump? Would elections be the right path and way to invest resources?

We, along with a sector of the people, believe it would be best to use the resources to organize, to create working class political consciousness in most of the population, to mobilize, and to create an unequivocal answer. For example, to prepare a national general strike demanding the immediate outing of the entire Trump administration. To push with organizes forces to take the power from the two parties, to revoke all racist laws, and all political and economic measures set against the poor people and the workers. Mainly, we insist in doing everything at hand so that the best fighters of the working class and all the working class and the poor people in struggle build an organization and continue it. An organization capable of taking this task into their hands, to lead it not only to end all established evil, but to take over the leadership of the country, consolidating and defending a workers-popular government, truly socialist, revolutionary and internationalist.

This way, everything will actually change. It will not be a simple illusion, as it has been until today due to the dirty and corrupt electoral game. This game only changes characters in office, but maintains the political system of social inequality intact. Filled with corruption, overexploitation and repression.

Let us imagine not just the capability in economic resources and apparatus, but also the political capability coming from many members in both chambers, with state governors and mayors, etc. that Democrats have had all these years.

In other words, if we think over this hypothesis, we see that Democrats have not been doing something blunt with all the power they have, and they do not do so not because they cannot but because they will not. Their struggle, their existence is in favor of the rich, of the great capitalists, and of the multinational corporations. Their differences with Trump are not about content, but on the way they do things and their lack of corporative political ethics. They are mostly worried about the miss representation of the President of the United States of America, with this narcissistic incoherent and mentally ill character. They do not care for the attacks on immigrants, women, Muslims, African-American community, workers and poor people.

One must not forget that the North American imperialist government is just one, with two political components within it. One is Democrat and the other is Republican. They complement one and other to guarantee the continuity of capitalist power. We insist we must break completely with them today. To follow them is to fall into their electoral trap, which they point out as the way to fight Trump.

Corriente Obrera (Workers’ Current) poses a different path. We must organize to fight and fight well. Hand in hand with immigrants, women, all minorities and the working class, and without any hopes in this imperialist corporative force.

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