[Nicaragua] Stop Ortega’s government repression!

April 24, 2018

Over the last days, the working people and youth in Nicaragua are demonstrating against the Social Security Reform decreed by president Daniel Ortega. The reform established a 5% reduction of pensions and increases the contributions (by bosses and workers) – a clear attack on the Nicaraguan working people’s Social Security.
By PT-Costa Rica.
This measure aims to rescue the INSS [Social Security Institute of Nicaragua,] underfinanced, as it has been used for questionable projects linked to Ortega’s people over the last decade.
As a response to the demonstrations, the Nicaraguan government sent the Police and the youth of the Frente Sandinista in arm to the streets and universities, to repress the demonstrators.
From the Workers’ Party [PT] we send our solidarity to the Nicaraguan youth and people, resisting the cuts and repression.
We condemn the anti-workers maneuvers and repression by Daniel Ortega’s government, and we demand the immediate suspension of the persecution of demonstrators.
We also demand to the Luis Guillermo Solís government [Costa Rica] to condemn the actions by the Nicaraguan government.
We call all activist, social organizations, unions, political parties and students to denounce the repression of Ortega and to organize a movement to demonstrate to the Nicaraguan Embassy.
Down with the repression!
Let the rich pay for the INSS crisis!

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