[Argentina] Letter to labor, political, and social organizations in defense of the workers’ and people’s rights

January 10, 2018
The repressive escalade by Macri’s government that deepened before the rejection of thousands clearly targets those who are on the streets defending the rights of the working people. We were all victims of tear gas, beaten, and suffered detentions in the last demonstrations, as well as in every workers’ conflict that was repressed to guarantee the layoffs and the businesses’ profits.
By PSTU Argentina.
Whilst the Justice ensures house arrest to Echecolatz [leader of the military during the dictatorship,] many activists are being persecuted by the law. There are several detentions already – like César Arakaki, PO militant, detained on the demonstration of December 14 – and political prisoners like Jones Huala and Milagro Sala, among many others. The government moves forward criminalizing and trialing activists and organizations as a way to intimidate us, getting to the point of charging deputies like Myrian Bregman, Nicolás del Caño [PTS,] and Mayra Mendoza [FPV,] and orchestrating a persecution, legally and in the press, against Sebastián Romero, stigmatizing him.
The government knows that the only way to impose his measures is defeating the workers’ and people’s demonstration and organizations. Thus, this attack does not go against one or other organization in particular but against the working class as a whole, that is confronting the adjustment policy. It is an attempt to intimidate the poor and working masses that uprise all over the country – an attack that counts with the accomplice silence of the triumvirate of the CGT, which should break the pact with the government once and for all and lead the struggle – but doesn’t.
Thus, the worst thing we can do is to defend each one its own case, because it weakens the defense of the right to protest per se, and it strengthens the government’s strategy.
These are moments of struggle, which need the broadest unity of action and disposal to common agreements. Human Rights organizations, just like the CTA’s, the CTEP, social organizations, political parties, labor unions, and all those willing to confront Macri’s adjustment and his repressive escalade should be part of this common struggle. And so we make a call to all organizations to unite forces and develop a unitary defense of all activists persecuted and for the freedom of the ones detained for struggling.
We are convinced that, in unity, we can win this fight. So we make this proposal and remain at disposal of any unitary initiative of struggle.

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