#OccupyBrasilia: Out with Temer, the Reforms, and All of Them!

MAY 23RD, 2017

Thousands of workers, students, and popular and social movements’ activists are on their way to Brasilia to put a final end to Temer’s government and the Labor and Social Security reforms and outsourcing law. These are conveys of unions, movements, students’ organizations and committees against the reforms, mobilizing against this government and its reforms all over the country.

By PSTU – Brazil.
Just the CSP Conlutas is organizing conveys from 16 different states. From São Paulo, there are more than 70 buses. 25 buses are going from the region of Valle de Paraíba, with almost one thousand activists. There are 30 buses from Rio de Janeiro, and 20 from Minas Gerais. Just the CSP-Conlutas is taking over 10 thousand people to Brasilia.
The expectation of the Federations that call for #OccupyBrasilia is for tens of thousands to arrive at the Capital on the 24. The demonstration was called after the General Strike of April 28, which stopped the country against the reforms. If the call for the protest was already strong due to the general outrage because of the reforms, the statement of the JBS, which hit Temer directly as well as the leaders of the main parties, just helped to increase the adhesion to #OccupyBrasilia.
48 h General Strike Now!
Temer is shaking before the denounces on corruption, and the bourgeoisie as a whole is getting to the conclusion that they can no longer support him. There a broad unity of businessmen, bankers and the media regarding the reforms. It was not by chance that the rapporteur of the Labor Reform in the Senate, Ricardo Ferraço (PSDB – ES) withdraw with his decision of suspending the reform, and presented his report, in alliance with Temer’s base, in the CAE [Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs] on last Tuesday.
The bourgeoisie attempts to impose the reforms against workers and the people, with or without Temer. Thus, it is essential to occupy Brasilia with all our strengths, to take Temer down, and to call for a new General Strike, for 48 h, to defeat once and for all the Labor and Social Security reforms and the outsourcing law.
Originally published @ http://www.pstu.org.br
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