All to the Streets! Out With Temer and ALL of them! 48 h General Strike and Occupy Brasilia!

MAY 18TH, 2017

Occupy Brasilia and General Strike for 48 h! Retirement in, Temer out!
Michel Temer was recorded by one of the JBS owners [Brazilian food company], Joesley Batista, endorsing the payment that would buy the silence of the former deputy Eduardo Cunha, currently convicted in Curitiba. The news, on the evening of Wednesday 17, fell like a bomb on this government, already up to the neck in corruption denounces.
By Editorial Team of Opinião Socialista – PSTU.
After the businessman reported Cunha was receiving a monthly bribe to stay quiet, Temer said: “You have to maintain it, ok?”. Aécio was also caught red-handed, asking Joesley for R$ 2 million (US$ 645,000) to pay for his defense in Lava Jato. All of this was allegedly caught by the Federal Police, and the money bags tracked, in the frame of Witness Immunity [Delação Premiada] signed by JBS’s owners (siblings Joesley and Wesley).
The National Congress and Government have now lower legitimacy than ever to continue voting the Labor and Social Security Reforms, as well as the outsourcing law.
This government and Congress cannot rule the country for one more day. We need to take them down, taking the streets, and we do not accept another forced president elected by this Congress of deadbeats.
Occupy Brasilia and Call for a 48 h General Strike
The recent denounces are a bomb. We have to go out to the streets and reinforce the call to occupy Brasilia on May 24 and call for a 48 hours General Strike.
We cannot trust this Justice, committed to the rich and bankers, and we will not accept any approval of reforms that attack out retirement and labor rights.
Now it is time! Let’s defeat this government, his reforms, and end unemployment! Retirement in, Temer out! Out with Temer and this Congress! Workers and poor people in power!
We need a new workers’, socialist government that rules through popular councils! A government that ensures jobs for everyone, reducing work shifts without wage reduction, and paying unemployement insurance to all unemployed until everyone has a job. A government that guarantees retirement and all of our rights: housing and quality public eduacation and health.
To guarantee that, the government needs to confront bankers, big businessmen and corruption.
-Immediately stop the payment of public debt to bankers with our money.
-Prison and seizure of goods of all corrupt and corrupting ones (with no fine to get free).
-Nationalization without compensation and under workers’ control of Odebrecht, OAS, JBS, Friboi and all banks and companies involved in corruption.
-Nationalization without compensation and under workers’ control of the financial system.
Workers and poor people in power!

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