[Turkey] Ankara massacre was against revolutionaries and workers

Written by Onur Devrim, RED
Wednesday, 14 October 2015 22:30
The latest reports speak of 128 dead, 65 seriously injured, of whom we keep on waiting for news, and more than 500 wounded. This slaughter is unprecedented in our country’s history.
The people’s response was immediate. In Istanbul on Istiklal Avenue, which leads to the symbolic Gezi Park, thousands of demonstrators met on Saturday. The day after a large rally was held in Ankara. Funerals are turning into political rallies and demonstrations. People are not afraid and know that the murderer AKP government and its policy of staying in power at all costs are responsible for the massacre.
Meanwhile, the HDP [Kurdish party] continues to insist on punishing the AKP in the ballots, with no clear call to popular mobilization. For our part, the call is clear: we must resist in the streets. We call the organization of demonstrations in the neighborhoods, struggles and strikes in universities and workplaces.
This slaughter of students, workers and revolutionaries, during a demonstration against the policies of terror of the AKP government, is one of the greatest acts of terror in the history of our country.
The solidarity of the peoples all over the world and the international condemnation of the slaughter are very important. So we call all organizations to take to the streets and protest outside Turkish embassies worldwide.
We know the murderers, we are not afraid! 
Out with the AKP! We won’t forget your massacres! 
Against the state of terror, intensify the mobilization!

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