[Argentina] On October 25, the only "tactical" vote is for the Left and Workers Front

Written by Matias Martinez
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 15:29
The presidential debate has revealed the real dilemma in next October 25 general elections. It is increasingly clear that, although many candidates, there are only two proposals: either the vote to Scioli, Massa or Macri who propose more austerity and submission to imperialism or the building of a working class way out. Therefore, no mistakes can be made at the ballots. The change we need is coming from the left.
This week, a new edition of the IDEA Colloquium [1] has been held, an annual gathering of the most powerful businessmen in the country that, according to their own organizers brings together the owners of half the Argentine production in a year. All are members of the major multinationals that operate in our country and are part of the famous “establishment”. In other words, it is a meeting of the true owners of Argentina.
In this way, Scioli, Macri, Massa and Stolbizer were hurrying to present their government plans to this symposium which had a record audience. Once again these presidential candidates were there to render an account to their true “bosses”, exposing their servile nature.
The mandate they received was so clear:  “No time for gradualism” (of austerity implementation). The very daily newspapers reported the claim and reflected the business requirement. Urgent measures in relation to tax increase, “competitiveness” and currency devaluation.
The FIT proposes an alternative workers and popular plan
The Left and Workers Front’s (FIT) program is the only proposal stating that the crisis must be paid by those who caused it: the bankers and big businessmen. It is the only political force that proposes the no payment of the usurious debt in this election, the investment of all these resources in a public works program to build thousands of homes, electrical power stations, communication networks, in health, hospitals and schools. And in turn it argues that this measure should be part of a workers’ and popular plan to ensure employment for all with a living wage, a true national emergency plan against violence against women and a 82% pensions rise.
To really defend sovereignty and achieve a true independence, the FIT defends the workers’ control of the most important economic sectors as oil, gas, big industries, banks and land, that must be nationalized.
The FIT is the only force that proposes a way out to the daily suffering of working women. It defends the need to pass a national emergency bill to stop violence against women. It also argues that, to prevent thousands of deaths from illegal abortions, we must fight for sexual education in schools and to guarantee the right to choose motherhood freely, granting the right to legal, safe and free abortion and state funded free day care in workplaces and schools. It aims at ending all discrimination against women, achieving equal pay for equal work.
Among other items on its agenda, the FIT defends the exemption from VAT of goods of primary necessityand the end of income tax. It presents a proposal against the colonization of knowledge at the service of corporations so that our and our children’s future are not stolen. And in turn, it proposes a solution to plan our own lives and to stop precarious work and outsourced jobs.
Come with the PSTU and monitor your vote to prevent fraud
None of this is possible if the usual suspects still rule. Do not be fooled, do not vote where you explode. Therefore, on 25 October, the workers have to vote for the slates of the Left and Workers Front led by President Nicolas Cano all over the country. That is the only “useful” vote for workers.
That is the main task the next days. Every vote for the FIT program strengthens a proposal for workers’ and people’s way out to the crisis we’ve been experiencing. And this will be very useful in guiding the fighting in the streets against the austerity and selling-off this and the next bosses government are preparing.
Therefore, we invite you to join the PSTU. To help us in the last electoral campaign days. Joining the leafleting, graffiti, meetings and campaign events. To keep fighting with us to demand a united campaign from all parties and activists that support the FIT program, leaving aside the sterile confrontations. We ask that you apply as a voluntary party commissioner and help us on the day of the elections to prevent the bosses from stealing our vote, by fraud. You too can collaborate spreading our newspaper or passing it to a friend, relative or coworker. We propose you join our party and helps us to bring more members in order to strengthen the FIT itself.
Every bit helps, however small it may seem. As in Argentina and throughout Latin America the workers face the same problems and the same enemy. They are very organized and we also must organize politically if we want to defeat the supporters of the banks and multinationals. For all this, we invite you to join us.
[1] –  According to their organizers, the IDEA colloquium “gathers the leaders of the main sectors in the national and international, private and state spheres; for the strategic discussion of the great national issues that concern the entrepreneurship.”

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