Corriente Roja's Statement on the Catalan elections

Written by Corriente Roja – Spanish State
Monday, 05 October 2015 15:50
The development of the electoral campaign and the historic participation attained (77.44%) have given the elections of September 27 an openly plebiscitary character. As far as the results, of seats and votes, are concerned, they have been a clear victory for those who stand for the Catalan independence. This victory is especially meaningful for it has been heavily marked by threats of all kinds, from the intervention of Catalonian institutions to the cessation of banks or companies, on to the halting of credit for the population.
The growth of Ciutadans (457,000 more votes) on the pro-Spanish side and that of the CUP-Crida Constituent (209,300 more votes) for the independentist side mark very clearly the current polarisation.
The pro-Spanish parties refused to admit the plebiscitary character of the elections, but they counted the results as if it were a plebiscite and did not spare tricks for they counted as NO the votes for Cataluña Sí Que es Pot (CSQP) who refused to take a stand. Instead of saying that the votes against independence were 41.68% (including Ciutadans, PSC, PP and Unió) and for were 47.74% (including JxS and CUP-CC), they announced that the latter stood under 50%.
The fact that the 50% goal was not reached allowed them to misinform the public opinion the idea that that it was the independentist option who had lost the referendum and not – as was the case – the pro-Spanish option.
After all the threats, Rajoy’s response to the electoral results shows once again that the Spanish monarchic regime is not prepared to respect the sovereign will of the people of Catalonia in any way at all.
In view of all this and as members of Per la Ruptura, we believe that the elected CUP-CC Members of Parliament should propose that the first session of the new Parliament, honouring the independentist majority, declare its sovereignty and take on two fundamental points:
First, the adoption of a social emergency plan to ensure zero evictions, zero poverty, the repeal of labour reforms and non-payment of debt while basic social needs are not covered. There is no other way of winning over the social grassroots among the toiling masses and in this way to weaken the pro-Spanish trends.
Secondly, comes an urgent call for a referendum on independence, defying the prohibitions of the State and imposing it on the facts, because this is the popular will. Then they will not have to “interpret” results, as they did this time. It is indispensable to give voice to the people!
The issue of which government should be supported depends on its attitude before these two basic demands. Our aim is not a concerted administration with a consensus president but a “split government” such as required by our road map. A split government cannot be considered unless it supports these demands.
Faced with the onslaught the State is sure to launch, this proposal must be linked to a call for a general mobilisation of the people and also a call for solidarity of European peoples and very especially to the working class and the peoples of the rest of Spain.
If we do not open this path, the scenario that will meet us will be that of “the great negotiation”. That of “Let us wait for the General Spanish Elections”, wait for the “international mediation”… which can only lead us to the scenario of a political swindle as Tsipras did in the days of the Greek referendum.
Barcelona, 28 September 2015

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