Greece Says "OXI" to Austerity

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Sunday, 05 July 2015 18:39

The first official results of the referendum held THIS Sunday in Greece point to a victory for the “NO” with 60.6% of votes, which means a rejection of the proposals made by the Troika that wants to continue the extortion of the Greek people to make they pay an unjust debt.
The Greeks refused to be manipulated by the financial blackmail of the big business, the European imperialist governments and the Eurogroup, nor by the terror campaign of the media.
With 25% of ballots cleared, the “YES” won 39.4% of the preference of voters, according to the interior minister of Greece, Nikos Vutsis, who said that the government is satisfied with the course of the referendum day, which was attended by 60 % of the population.
Greek government keeps the negotiation
The initial reaction to the first results came from the government spokesman Gabriel Sakelaridis, who said that  tonight Athens will ask the European Central Bank to reopen the tap of funding that was cut last week. The ECB meets on Monday.
With this, the government of Tsipras misses another great opportunity to say NO to the debt and the Euro. The other occasion was when it took office and had an enormous support of the population, which clearly says on the streets and at the ballot box that they no longer accept the maintenance of austerity in the country.
Instead, Sakellaridis said he hoped negotiations on a better agreement for the Greek people would begin immediately and could be completed in the coming days.

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